Doctor García is a millionaire and like my dad: Alexis VegaMediotiempo

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For years, the emblematic narrators and analysts of TV Azteca, Christian Martinoli and Luis Garciahave made it clear that they “they don’t have soccer friends” and that they are not interested in getting along with the people in the guild to avoid any possible conflict of interest, but Alexis Vega “denies” the Doctorrevealing the relationship between the two.

In an interview with the Golden Scorpion for his YouTube channel, the Chivas player said that the Doctor is “like his dad”, who are very close and have received some advice from you. Confidence is such Alexis revealed that García Postigo “is rich” and his fortune could give him to never work again in his life.

Damn Luisito is my dad, that bastardplayed in top teams in Europe, in Selection.He knew how to manage his money well, he is rich and he might not work to enjoy all his money,” said Vega, who seeks to emulate Luis García as a Mexican World Cup forward, waiting to be on the final list of 26 players for Qatar 2022.

The Guadalajara soccer player, who is summoned for this month’s friendlies against Peru and Colombia in the United Stateswas also confident of being part of the contingent for the World Cup and even ventured to give the prediction of the Tri in the Group Phase.

In addition, he addressed different topics such as his possible exit to Europeof which he agreed to have a clause that gives you the options with the authorization of Amaury Vergara and Ricardo Peláez, as well as other topics that we present below.

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​Gignac’s contribution to Liga MX

French is a crackit is very good that Gignac has passed to Mexico and the Tigers, he has marked an era and is a benchmark in his team”.

Inflated values ​​in Mexican soccer

“The figures are unreal because I know I’m not worth that amount, I think 8 million euros is an exaggerated amount to ask another team”.

How did you meet Angel Reyna?

“I met him when he was nine years old and he gave me my first shin guards. We are from the same neighborhood and he (Reyna) was going to support my dad’s team in the neighborhood, that’s how I met him and then we were teammates in Toluca.”

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