Dollar: the brutal forecast of the “blue guru” and the 3 keys to not lose to inflation

Despite the implementation of the soybean dollar and the new agreements with the IMF, analyst Salvador Di Stefano sees no structural changes in the government’s monetary and exchange policy. Rather, anticipate three-digit inflation levels and one unavoidable devaluation for years to come.

“This government has the Kirchner stamp, exchange delay, negative interest rate and market intervention, what can go wrong? Everything that is proposed,” said the economist in a Twitter thread.

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“This ends with a rise in alternative dollars higher than inflation, no matter how hard the government tries to carry out a policy of intervention in the market,” Di Stefano said.

By comparing bond prices, the analyst obtained a guideline of the 100% as minimum inflation expected by the end of the year.

Faced with this scenario, it is essential to know the best ways to protect yourself from constantly rising prices. Here are the recommendations of the financial professional.

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The analyst assumes that the Central Bank “makes wrong decisions.” According to data collected by his personal consultant, Di Stefano claimed that it is not convenient to make a traditional fixed termeither at nominal or effective rate.

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Instead, the analyst concluded that all investment paths lead to dollar and the purchase of assets.

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In the case of companies, Di Stefano developed the benefits of taking on debt and buy assets that can be amortized and eventually discounted from the balance.

“Getting into debt is a strategy to make a tax shield against a very high tax pressure. Although today the balance sheets are adjusted for inflation, the benefit of taking on debt and buying assets that can be amortized continues to be favorable to companies,” he wrote in Twitter.

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However, the analyst warned that choose the right time to add assets to the balance sheet. In addition, he presented another method to generate high yields:

“Another way is withdraw liquidity from companies, pay 7% income tax for said withdrawal and place the liquidity in the head of a human person to buy dollars that will not be the taxable base for the payment of income tax,” he added.

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