“Don’t hit me”: ‘Pacho’ Vélez stung ‘Gato’ Pérez against Claudia López and ended up cracked

In the middle of the talk, the popular ‘Pacho’ shared a couple of trills from the mayor of Bogotá in which she asks that the Colombian professional soccer program be run for a week to that english singer Harry Styles can be presented at El Campín on Sunday November 27.

The concert is planned for the Salitre Mágico park parking lot, where there were logistical problems with the performance of the also British Dua Lipa, reason why the president intends the change of scenery.

Consequently, ‘Pacho’ Vélez was critical of the request for claudia lopez and pretended that ‘Gato’ Pérez also did it as a representative of Dimayor.

However, the result was not quite what the commentator was expecting.

“Don’t hit me”: ‘Pacho’ Vélez, to ‘Gato’ Pérez in ESPN

The presenter was upset with the situation in the stadium and wanted the sports manager of the Dimayor did the same, for which he launched the following sentence:

“’Gato’, the mayor’s thing is: ‘Either they fix it or they fix it because the stadium is mine’… But, ask to postpone it for a week!”

However, Pérez did not fall into the game: “’Pacho’, with love I answer you. You well know that Bad Bunny is scheduled for November and ‘El Campín’ will be ineligible for football from November 15 to 22. We have the same problem in Medellin. So I ask you So that it is not an excuse, what will we do without the teams from Bogotá and Medellín qualifying for home runs?

Apparently, it was not the answer that ‘Pacho’ Vélez expected, since he said he felt attacked:

“’Cat’, don’t hit me, don’t hit the messenger. I am only reading to you what the mayor says, ”she replied.

But seeing that the interviewee did not share his position, the commentator closed trying to convince him of his outrage.

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“’Gato’, what happens is that I put you in front of the situation. The mayor is the one who is going to put you on the ropes, I don’t,” he closed.

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In video, the particular crossing:

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