Drastic: a dairy SME blocked by a union fired 29 of its 46 employees

After more than two months since the conflict began at the Lácteos Vidal, in the town of Moctezuma, Carlos Casares, the company decided to fire the 29 workers who continued to adhere to the blockade. Weeks ago, the company had already opened a search to hire new staff and “defend” the sources of employment in the town of 450 inhabitants.

“The measure is not only long, but exhaustive and disproportionate to a claim that they intended to continue. If I keep working at the rate I’ve come, the fixed costs consume me, as in any company. I cannot have a stopped plant, they destroy me”, Arturo Díaz, technical director of the company in that locality, told LA NACION. The decision, he commented, was motivated to avoid closing or melting down the plant where around 46 employees work in normal times.

I have to defend jobs and that means getting the factory up and running, I have all these people in conflict, and I need minimally to grow in production”, he explained, and commented that the union has made sure to pay the employees who joined the strike 60 days ago the salary differential for the days they do not work. “That way, these people have no motivation to work, if they hadn’t been paid they would have come to work. This ceased to be a strike from the moment the guild deposited the money,” he said.

Arturo Díaz is the technical director of the plant in Moctezuma
Arturo Díaz is the technical director of the plant in Moctezumasantiago filipuzzi

In that sense, Díaz added that he prefers to give the opportunity to new people who have approached to ask for work in recent weeks since they opened the search, and that the Ministry of Labor, although contacted, has not resolved the conflict. “Today I have the need to put the elaboration to full, again. I need to go little by little, but I understand that the people who enter [a trabajar] has no experience, that is not trained, but little by little I will achieve it. That is why I prefer to give the opportunity to new people who are asking me for a job”, explained the businessman. In recent days, he said, 26 people came to work, by Monday he expects 30 to arrive and only in a month will they be able to recover around 40.

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When asked if the people from Atilra remained in the place, he explained that they are still in the tent that has been installed since mid-August. “There they eat barbecue, they play tricks, they have a soccer game in the afternoon and at night, I celebrate. They have rented support houses in Moctezuma and Smith. They are all day, that’s why, the measure is disproportionate, very long”narrated.

The conflict had moved at the time to the mozzarella factory in the Villa Devoto neighborhood in the Federal Capital, where after several days of blockades they managed to restart work with the support of police force personnel. “Last week those from Atilra came here, they had a party with drums. For them it’s a field trip,” he said. Furthermore, he added that he believes that the intention of the guild is to “wear them out”. “They are looking for Mayor Daniel Stadnik, so he can call me. He calls between eight and nine times a day so that I give in with categoryand now to reinstate 18 of the 29 employees that I fired,” he assured.

In Moctezuma, Lácteos Vidal employs 46 people, of which the vast majority live in the town of 450 inhabitants
In Moctezuma, Lácteos Vidal employs 46 people, of which the vast majority live in the town of 450 inhabitantsGza. Arthur Diaz

Finally, Díaz said that the union does not care about the new employees who are inside, and that of the 29 people who joined, 26 are employees and three are union delegates. “The three delegates were notified by a notary publicI continue to pay their salaries, but they cannot enter the plant”, he stated and clarified that the company’s intention is not to shrink in personnel, but to grow. “I am not removing people, but replacing. This week I took 10 and the other 11. That is, I take out one and put in others”, stressed.

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The claim is for the reclassification of personnel and other demands made by the union, and originally began on July 18 at the Moctezuma plant. At that time, a mandatory conciliation was reached that was respected for 21 days in that place. However, last month the conflict led to a strong blockade in the factory that the company has in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Devoto, where he caused a stop partial production and a strike in front of the factory.

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