Dressed as a Pope, a trans deputy from Morena presents an initiative against hate speech towards the LGBT community

Dressed as Pope, the trans deputy from Morena, Salma Luevanowent up to the plenary session of the Lower House to promote a reform to the Law of Religious Associations and Public Worship, in order to prohibit the hate speech against the people of LGBTQ+ population.

When basing the proposal, the legislator denounced that historically, religious leaders they have outraged the dignity of their community.

“Today I come in a fight to stop hate speech. Mexico is a secular country, but it is a reality that a large number of religious leaders have opposed our fundamental rights, categorizing the LGBTTIQ+ population as a social burden, as a cause of evil, as sinners, as a result of evil. lynching has even been incited against us,” he declared.

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Refrain from giving hate speech

The proposal establishes that religious associations must refrain from uttering hate speech, “understood as those that are characterized by expressing a conception through which they have the deliberate intention of disparage and discriminate to persons or groups by reason of any personal, ethnic, social condition or circumstance, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression”.

It also states that it will constitute an infraction of the law to utter hate speech in the exercise of religious acts or in the media “with the deliberate intention of belittling and discriminating against persons or groups due to any personal, ethnic, social orientation, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression”.

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