Emiliano Sala: what the pilot suspected of the faults of the plane in which the Argentine soccer player died

  • By Kayley Thomas
  • Presenter, Transfer: The Emiliano Sala Story

Emiliano Sala

image source, AAIB | Nantes Atlantic Airport


Emiliano Sala, moments before boarding the fateful flight.

“I’ll have the life jacket on,” pilot David Ibbotson is heard saying before the fateful flight in which Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala lost his life in an exclusive audio recording, to which the BBC had access.

On the recording, Ibbyotson, who also died in the accident, tells a friend that the plane was “defective”.

New footage was also revealed showing Sala before boarding the flight from France to Wales that later crashed in January 2019.

The Argentine footballer had just signed a millionaire transfer from the French club Nantes to Cardiff City in Wales, which was then in the Premier League.

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