enabled registration, how to sign up for the form and what are the requirements?

Since this Wednesday, September 21, starting at 10was enabled registration to access Pocrear II plan. In this way, it was confirmed by the Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat of the Nation and the housing units are 18 provinces throughout the countryamong which are Jujuy, Buenos Aires, CABA, Chaco, Chubut, Córdoba, Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Mendoza, Misiones, Neuquén, Río Negro, San Luis, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, Santiago del Estero, Tierra del Fuego and Tucumán .

I know 900 functional units will be raffled and the homes to be built will have access roads, proximity to educational centers, health, public services and green spaces.

How and where to sign up for the Procrear II form?

From this Wednesday, registration will be enabled for those interested in accessing housing. the aspirants You can register through the website of the Ministryentering the following link: argentina.gob.ar/habitat/procrear/desarrollosurbanisticos#1 where you will find the requirements and detailed information.

What are the requirements to enroll?

These are the requirements that are needed to access the Procrear II homes:

– Not having benefited from housing plans in the last ten (10) years.

– Not having, both the owner and the co-owner, real estate registered in their name, neither as owners nor as co-owners, at the time of initiating the Registration Process. With the exception of the cases detailed in the Bases and Conditions.

– Have the valid National Identity Document (DNI or Enrollment Booklet or Civic Booklet) of all the members of the application at the time of starting the process.

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– Be Argentineans or foreigners with permanent residence in the country.

– Be between 18 and 64 years old at the time of completing the registration. Accredit the marital status declared in the Registration Form, except the single marital status.

– Submit Certificate of Disability if applicable.

– Demonstrate net monthly income of the cohabiting family group -both the applicant and their spouse or cohabiting partner- between 1 SMVyM and 10 SMVyM.

– Demonstrate, at least, twelve (12) months of registered work continuity.

– The participants, at the time of completing the Registration Form, may include only one co-holder. In the case of participants with married civil status, the spouse will be automatically considered co-owner.

– The owner and co-owner must be linked by one of the links detailed below, which must be registered. Marriage, cohabitation union, de facto union, provided that the domiciles declared by the owner and co-owner coincide.

– All notifications within the framework of these rules and conditions will be made to the email address declared by the participant in the Registration Form.

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