Entrepreneurs and AMLO reach agreements on an anti-inflationary plan; 24 products would not increase in price: Profeco

The Federal Consumer Attorney, Richard Sheffieldassured that with the businessmen of the food sector Agreements were reached to reinforce the anti-inflationary plan and that the 24 products of the basic basket don’t go up in price.

In a brief interview, at the end of a working lunch in National Palace led by the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador with food producers and distributors, the official said that in the coming days the Chief Executive will announce the measures to be applied.

“We are looking for at least not to go up, but some products have the conditions to go down because there was a very large increase, for example wheat, which is going down in price, yellow corn is going down, that should be reflected soon in the national market, we are talking about only of the 24 products that are in the basic basket”.

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Sheffield said that it was a very pleasant meeting with the businessmen and the head of the federal Executive.

“A great hope of working as a team to lower inflation, which is a global problem.”

About him tortilla priceSheffield was confident that the price would no longer rise.

“It is an effort by all, we hope that it does not (raise the price of tortillas). There are no conditions right now for it to rise, the grains are going down, hopefully and not only will we not see it rise, but we will begin to see a modest drop in some products, the President will announce it, ”he stressed.

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“Potato and onion, the main headache of the federal government”

Likewise, the attorney assured that the increase in the price of potatoes and onions is the main headache of the federal government.

In an interview, prior to the meal that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador heads with producers and distributors of basic foods, the federal official said that in the case of onions, the price is almost double for no reason because there is sufficient production, “so someone is hogging it.”

The onion is one of the 24 basic foods that are part of the anti-inflationary plan that was presented by the federal government and businessmen last May.

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the owner of the prophetRicardo Sheffield said that until now there has been good respect and now an additional voluntary effort is being requested from all businesswomen who are linked to food, especially the basic basket.

“No, no, no, there has been no failure, what happens is that the economic situation in the world is complex, so an additional effort is required, but they are voluntary efforts and where we also listen to the business community, of what we can do from the Federal Government to help them meet that goal of combating inflation that the whole world suffers”.

He trusted that Minsa, the other large producer of flour or tortillas, will join Maseca’s commitment not to raise its prices until February of next year.

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He pointed out that the work of Profeco is to supervise compliance on the street, in the businesses, “if a company says ‘I am not going to raise prices’, we in the businesses, on the street, are taking care that the prices of that product do not rise. ”.

With information from Pedro Villa y Caña.

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