FC Barcelona: ‘Baraleaks’: Piqu became the best-paid center-back in the world while causing “very serious damage to the club”

Lyou already known as ‘Baraleaks‘ in which The world is telling in detail the details of the contracts and other intimacies within Barcelona have their next chapter in Gerard Piqu. According to the newspaper, the central became the highest paid defender in the world At the same time, an internal report was drawn up in the club’s offices detailing the obvious damage that the player caused Bara with the conflict of interest between the club and his private businesses.

That two-way game began with the documentary on Griezmann’s decision, in which the French finally rejected the proposal to sign for Barcelona. Produced by the Kosmos company, owned by the player, the business strategy became a clear problem for the Barça club itself. What led to Bartomeu to request a report detailing the possible breaches in which the player could have fallen.

The Bara boarded the possibility of sanctioning the player but the possible “media pressure” and the intention that the footballer fulfill his contract until the last season led to discarding that option.

Charge more than Sergio Ramos

In the economic aspect, in that aforementioned contract, the footballer was guaranteed 142 million euros gross during the five seasons of validitysince it applied to the current one (2017/18) until 2021-22, according to the contract ready for signature that the club sends him a month before its renewal is made public, on December 15, 2017. gives a figure of 28.4 million gross per seasonwhich could increase if some bonuses related to objectives are met.

When Piqu went to Josep Maria Bartomeu to talk about the conditions, He told him that he wanted to be the highest paid center-back in the world and earn more than Sergio Ramos, according to sources close to the negotiation. With this contract he achieved it, since the madridista reached 12.5 million net in the white club. The azulgrana was, after taxes, around 15.

The club also included what he calls “tax credit” to compensate for the records that the Treasury had drawn up on the footballer for a VAT claim and that, grossed up, amounted to 7.1 million.

With the arrival of the pandemic, Piqu was one of the footballers who agreed to cut his salary, although it was really about contract extensions in exchange for deferring amounts to cushion the exercises hardest hit by the pandemic.

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