FC Barcelona: Dembl: “My personal life? It’s not what people imagine”

EITHERUsmane Dembl gave an interview to RMC in which he reviewed everything that has happened to him in recent seasons and the improvement he has experienced since Xavi Hernndez sat on the Barça bench.

Koeman Stage

“I had to work to be able to play and perform. I wanted to be healthy, to be healthy to be able to play and then to be able to perform better little by little”.

about his personal life

My lifestyle in my first years in Bara? I was young like everyone else. But I managed to get out of this situation. However, not everything is as people imagined.


Laporta and Dembl


“I had many hamstring injuries. If you don’t work, you’ll stagnate. You’re going to hurt yourself, if you don’t get stronger, they told me. With Koeman and Xavi, better. Since then, I haven’t had any injuries. We cross our fingers, We keep working. I’m fine, I feel good at Barcelona, ​​I have the trust of the whole team, the whole club and I’m happy. Now everyone talks about football, it’s better”.


“With Xavi’s confidence, I was forced to stay. I really want Bara to win the Champions League again. It’s been seven years since the club won it.”


“I remember a meeting between Xavi and me in December. I told him I was going to sign my contract.”


Personally, my goal is to win the Champions League with Barcelona. Let Barcelona recover the Champions League, it’s been seven years since they won it. Win titles: La Liga, the Champions League, that’s the most important thing.

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