Federal court revokes sentence of 40 years in prison for ‘Mochaorejas’

A federal court revoked the 40 year prison sentence dictated against the kidnapper Daniel Arizmendi Lopezbetter known as the Mochaearsand his brother Aurelian.

In compliance with an amparo ruling, the Second Unitary Court in Criminal matters ordered a district judge to reinstate the procedure until the procedure prior to the order of closure of the investigation.

The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) to initiate an investigation to determine if the Mochaears and Aureliano Arizmendi López, as well as the co-defendants Daniel Vanegas Martínez, Francisco Javier Pérez Aguilar and Dulce Paz Vanegas Martínezwere tortured by the authority.

Last August, the First Collegiate Criminal Court in Mexico City invalid the sentence for 40 years imposed on the brothers Arizmendi Lopez.

By majority vote, the magistrates agreed that both brothers could have been victims of torture to confess the kidnappings for which they were arrested

The Arizmendi gang was responsible for 40 kidnappings, mainly of businessmen, and was arrested and prosecuted since 1998 for the crimes of kidnapping, homicide, damage and injury.

After his arrest, the authorities seized from the criminal organization 63 houses, 16 vehicles, 1,838 centenarians, 49.2 million pesos, 1.3 million in dollars, and eleven bank accounts with deposits of less than 300 dollars, as well as various jewels.

The gang, which alarmed the country due to the brutality of the kidnappings, operated in the states of Querétaro, Morelos, México, Puebla and the Federal District. This group mutilated their victims and sent their fingers and ears to the family to force them to pay the ransoms they demanded.

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