Federer, the first legend to take the step towards retirement

Roger Federer say goodbye It is already a reality full of tears after his press conference. The sadness of goodbyes. He is the first of a great generation to take the big step towards retirement. He opens the horizon of a new life that already seemed announced, after the absence that he has been in recent seasons.

It’s a myth and it’s gone. The first of the great sports legends that have given away in recent decades. in the same bag Rafael Nadal. Federer himself assures it in his last press conference. He would love it if his last game was with the Mallorcan. It’s been too many years together sharing not only track, but many of the most important personal and professional experiences of their lives.

The Swiss leaves behind a life dedicated to tennis, another way of seeing this sport that now wants to hang up his racket. Though It seems that others are not up to the task of doing it yet, although their goodbye is closer than far. Not by performance, but by age.

Rafael Nadal

Fight, dedication, passion, not giving a ball, much less a game for lost. The mirror in which to look at yourself as a child and not so young: that is Rafa Nadal. He has never closed the door on a retreat. But doesn’t seem to have it open either. At 36, she has had an almost spectacular year. His 22 Grand Slam throughout his career endorse him.

The injuries They have not left him alone, but he has learned to live with them. It doesn’t seem like he wants to follow in Roger’s footsteps. Not at the moment, although he is now resting after a season that has been tired. In fact, in the last few days he confirmed it: “My career is not over, far from it.”

Fernando Alonso

“With certainty reach 400 races in Formula 1”. She just a few days ago, and her 41 years old, made it clear. Likewise, in Monza, the 349 starts of Kimi Raikkonen. In Singapore, he will complete one more and he will already have the absolute record. In addition to his world championships, he will remain in the history of the competition whatever his nearest future may be.

Although the question of whether or not to continue dissipated in August, when he unleashed the storm by announcing, by surprise, his signing for Aston Martin. Two more years signed, until 43, at least. And then you will see. That’s why he left Alpine, to make sure he’d have a seat available until he says enough. A new project. Another one. And he is the visible head. He doesn’t want to leave, or abandon his competitive nature just yet.

Lewis Hamilton

polemics aside, Hamilton has won it all. Seven times champion, hegemony in recent years with a Mercedes intractable and on the verge of an eighth title that would have put him ahead of Schumacher. It couldn’t be… and the rumors about his goodbye spread. Because the way he lost was not the best, the controversy after the resumption of the race of Abu Dhabi annoyed him. Many say that it left him desolate. But I came back.

Lewis Hamilton at Monza |  Luca BrunoAP

Lewis Hamilton at Monza | Luca BrunoAP

Now he doesn’t win, but he doesn’t want to retire. She has said it many times already. That as long as he wants to compete, he will continue to do so at 37 years old hoping to get his car back to the top of the grid. He still believes that World Cup number eight is possible.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi

The two football stars don’t seem to want to announce their goodbye soon either. They are still in good shape, although they are already far from the Spanish League. Cristiano (37) made it clear just a few hours ago, in fact. “The goal is the World Cup… but also the European Championship2024“, he assured in his last speech. It seems that he still has the rope for a while, despite not going through his best moment at the club level.

Y Messi, at 35, is still at PSG. This same week he scored the goal that made PSG the group leader in Ligue 1. After all the controversy unleashed by the renewal requests with Bara, it seems that the withdrawal of the elite has not even crossed his mind.

Lebron James

He is considered one of the best basketball players in history. Four rings behind him and four MVPs. 18 times in a row selected for the All Star. In 2027, Lebron James could coincide with his two sons in the NBA. He said so, just a few months ago. He wanted that to happen… and that would take him away from a possible goodbye until he was 42. “I feel like I could play for a long time. It all depends on my body but, more importantly, on my mind,” said this summer.



Last year was not good for him. I ended up out of the Play-Ins, but it seems that things can change. The Lakers roster it is being reinforced so that the same does not happen, and it seems that it could be a motivation for the player to decide to continue with his career without looking at his age (37).

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