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The leaders of Fenatep they threatened to start a teachers’ strike against the Congress of the Republic if the Popular Force bill that annuls the supreme decree of the Minedu to modify the statute of the Teachers’ Spill is approved in a second vote.

This was announced today in the afternoon by one of its leaders at a press conference from the Hall of the Lost Steps, in Parliament, after holding a meeting with the congressman from the Magisterial Bloc, Edgar Tello.

“The national leaders are in Lima and the regional and provincial leaders are carrying out combat measures throughout the country. If we are not heard, if a clique led by Mr. Lucio Castro (leader of Sutep) is going to be the one that is right, we are simply going to carry out more measures of struggle and I believe that, if the educational problem is not resolved, it is not far that we can also carry out a fighting measure like the one we did in 2017, that is, an indefinite national strike,” said the Fenatep leader.

In this sense, he demanded that the Congress of the Republic reconsider its position for the second vote of the aforementioned bill presented by the congresswoman for Fuerza Popular, Martha Moyano.

“We want that in that second vote it is not approved. We do not want the dictatorship of Patria Roja and Sutep. We want that money that is ours to be administered by professors chosen by the same associates and not to be nominated by hand”, he pointed out.

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Last Thursday, September 1, the Plenary Session of Congress approved in the first vote, with 65 votes in favor, 46 against and 4 abstentions, the ruling that repeals Supreme Decree 009-2022-Minedu.

“Illegally, the statute of the DM was changed. Interpreting the opposite would imply affirming that the State can intervene in any private law entity and modify its operating rules, provided for in article 76 of the Civil Code”, recalled the then president of the Education Commission, Gladys Echaíz (Popular Renovation) during the lift.


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