Fernández announced that he will promote a project to give security to investors

Fernández assured that the Government is betting on energy development as “state policy”


President Alberto Fernández summoned this Wednesday to entrepreneurs from the oil and gas sector to bet on Argentinaay announced that in the next few days a project will be presented to give security to the investments that are destined to the production of energy and liquefied gas.

“I need to convince them to join us, to come and do business, and this must be state policy in Argentina”expressed the president when presenting before some thirty businessmen from the sector in the city of Houston, Texas, where he was the special guest of a lunch organized by the Argentine Embassy in the United States.

Photo Presidency
Photo: Presidency

At the end of his speech, the president announced that next week a bill will be sent to Congress to give “legal certainty” to investments in gas, liquefied gas production and lithium.

As Télam learned from official sources, The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, who had met 10 days ago, is working on this initiative.and also in Houston, with entrepreneurs in the same sector.

Later, in statements to the press after the presentation, the president expanded that he has been “working” on the initiative together with Massa and that the project will seek to give “certainty to those who invest not only in gas but in other renewable energies such as lithium, hydrogen and solar energy.

In this way, the Executive Branch will seek to “set a scenario that will not be altered,” for which, the president explained, “legal approvals are needed.”

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“That’s why it’s a bill,” he said.

The President anticipated that the project will include the same logic of giving certainty to companies that “build gas liquefaction plants”, with the aim of ensuring that the country can “extract natural gas, convert it into liquefied gas and take it to other regions of the world”.

The president spoke at the Houstonian Hotel, on the outskirts of Houston, before 30 companies of the so-called “Oil Family” that are not in the country, as the last activity of the tour that took him to the United States to participate in the 77th General Assembly from the ONU.

Argentina “has competitive and efficient resources to supply the world with energy”Alberto Fernandez

In his message, the President stressed that Vaca Muerta “can double the Argentine GDP in the next 7 years” and it is an “example” that “Argentine citizens advance in their dream of prosperity and development and companies, national and foreign, have the opportunity to do interesting business for performance and perspective.”

“And together we contribute to energy security in our region and in the world,” he emphasized.

President He stressed that Argentina “has resources in conditions of competitiveness and efficiency to supply the world with energy”and not only because of Vaca Muerta but because of the “abundance of wind, sun and lithium”.

Photo Presidency
Photo: Presidency

The president explained that it is the “second reservoir of unconventional gas and the fourth of unconventional oil in the world.”

“After 10 years of development and exploitation, Vaca Muerta today represents 40 percent of the total production of hydrocarbons in Argentina”celebrated.

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The president said then that he had the “conviction” that “based on the amount of reserves” a “design” of a country should be conceived where energy is the central axis of development.

“We have in abundance not only oil, which will continue to be used for a few more years, but also gas, and seeing what is happening through the crisis unleashed between Russia and Ukraine, I feel that Argentina has an enormous opportunity,” said the Head of State. , but added that “we have to build it together: the State and businessmen”.

In another section, he also highlighted that the construction of the Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline will allow “reduce gas imports by 2/3 of what it was this year, and when that is completed we will be able to be self-sufficient and we will have a lot of gas left to export.”

Photo Presidency
Photo: Presidency

Fernández had been introduced by the ambassador to the United States, Jorge Arguello, after a few introductory words by the president of the National Oil and Gas Institute, Emilio Daneri.

In the activity it was also announced that for “Vaca Muerta Shale Day”, an event that brings together executives from the main companies in the sector in Houston, and which will take place on September 29, the attendance of the secretary of Energy, Flavia Royon, and the Governor of Neuquén, Omar Gutiérrez.

“We have in abundance not only oil, which will continue to be used for a few more years, but also gas, and seeing what is happening through the crisis unleashed between Russia and Ukraine, I feel that Argentina has a huge opportunity”Alberto Fernandez

The attendance of both officials at that meeting was highlighted by the President, who highlighted the presence of Gutiérrez even though he was of another “political color”, due to the fact that this provincial leader belongs to the Neuquén Popular Movement (MPN).

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“It is no coincidence that Massa has been here, that I am here today and that in a few days the Secretary of Energy and the governor of Neuquén will come,” the president stressed.

Finally, he reaffirmed the Government’s objective of turning energy development into the “main State policy” that the country needs.

After the exhibition, the corresponding lunch was held with the businessmen.

Photo Presidency
Photo: Presidency

Fernández was accompanied by the first lady Fabiola Yañez; Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero; the Secretary General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello; the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, and the president of YPF, Pablo González.

Among the businessmen who listened to the president were David Mendelson, from Total Energies; Shell’s Bill Langin; Thomas Schuessler of Exxon; Chevron’s Eric Dunning and Schlumberger’s Patrick Galleti, among others.

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