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To start this challenge you must prepare your stopwatch, you will have to finish the challenge in a certain time, there is no margin for error and you only have one opportunity. If you don’t get a positive result you will have to practice more and be consistent with the visual puzzles otherwise you will fail every time.

What is the visual puzzle?

The following image presented by cool gurushows the scene of a coliseum with the naked eye you can see that they are in the middle of a fierce battle and the gladiator that appears in the image is ready to face it, however, he is missing an object of vital importance.

If this gladiator does not hurry to find his sword, he could lose his life, he is too focused on the enemies that are in front, so you will have to look for it for him. don’t delay, dThe life of this gladiator depends on you, help him find his sword! Solve the next puzzle before the time limit and set a new record.


Photo: cool guru

Did you save this warrior’s life?

We know that it is not a riddle simple, if you have managed to find the sword and therefore save the gladiator, congratulations! You are a master of observation.

On the other hand, if you were not able to find the sword, do not despair, we will help you with a clue:

Focus your search on the gladiator’s feet.


It’s up to you whether you do a new search or go straight to the solution.

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Where is the lost sword?

Nothing is what it seems, leg protection is the missing sword.

Photo: cool guru

What did you think of this riddle?

Surely you loved it, it was not an easy challenge at all, but if you continue to improve your skills you will soon become a master of puzzles.

Share science, share knowledge.

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