Former Universitario player was arrested with a fearsome gang that assaulted taxi drivers VIDEO Joao Nelson Porras | SPORTS

I change my boots and shin guards for bullets and pistols. Joao Nelson Porrasone of the young promises of University of Sportsfaces his toughest game after being arrested in an operation by the National Police Along with a gang that dedicated itself to assaulting taxi drivers by application, and to the distribution of drugs.

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The player who plays before the pandemic was considered one of the promises on the steering wheel of University of Sportsdecided not to persevere in soccer, to fulfill his dream of playing in the League1 and be promoted by Juan Pajuelo, who was in charge of the minor divisions in Sea Field Uand decided to sign for the world of crime.

The police had already tracked the actions of the cream midfielder and other subjects of bad living in the Fence of Lima. Despite the fact that the troops outnumbered them, they resisted throwing bottles and stones to prevent the intervention of their lair.

Young man changes sport to assault people
Young man changes football to assault people

Steering wheel of the ‘U’ would be part of ‘The damned of the fifth Huamalies’

The police report reported the fall of The damned of the fifth Huamalies‘, which had among its victims dozens of taxi drivers who were robbed and then suffered extortion from criminals to offer to return their belongings.

During the intervention, Elvira Díaz, (36 years old), alias ‘Sandy’, and Gina Paola Murillo Trigozo, (48 years old) were arrested. Both have police records for injuries. Along with them, Luis Silva Murillo, Jahir del Castillo, Emerson Pablo Correa and the former student player were also arrested.

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This gang operated in the area of ​​the Fence of Lima and also in Uptowns requesting a taxi by application and then at the meeting point to be robbed in a herd snatching their wallets, cell phones and other valuables.


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