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In parallel, between January and July 2022, Fund E led the largest number of transfers and Cuprum was the AFP with the best balance, with 7,017 net transfers.

During the past month of July 2022 the Fund A led transfers between multifunds. The AFP Modelmeanwhile, was the one that lost the most affiliates and providedto experienced the opposite.

According to a bulletin from the consulting firm Ciedess, in that month there was a total of 132,424 transfers between multifunds (2.3% of total contributors and 1.1% of total affiliates in that month), which represented an increase of 8.9% compared to the previous month and a decrease of -66% compared to the same month of the year previous.

Of the total transfers, 71% corresponded to changes in the same AFP (94,460 transfers), while the remaining 29% were movements to another entity (37,964 transfers).

The amounts transferred in July amounted to $2,948,162 millionequivalent to 2% of the pension funds managed in said month.

In this way, the consultant specified, so far in 2022 (January-July) “a monthly average of 159,681 transfers was registered, falling -83.6% compared to the same period in 2021″ (973,553 average transfers).

Fund B recorded the fewest number of transfers

According to the Ciedess report, fund A was the one with the highest number of net transfers (incorporations minus withdrawals) in July 2022, with 5,264 net additions; while Fund B registered the opposite case, with a net of -4,839 movements.

For its part, “the results of the funds C, D and E were 509, 113 and -1,047 net transfers everyone,” he added.

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Regarding what goes in 2022 (until July), Fund E is the one that continues to lead the largest number of transfers, with 185,551 net additions; while Fund A registers the opposite case, with a net of -129,156 movements.

Funds B, C and D were -90,085, -8,543 and 42,233 net transfersrespectively.

Provida led affiliate incorporation in July

The Ciedess analysis showed that in July 2022 the AFP with the highest number of net transfers (more additions than withdrawals due to transfers) was Provida, with 1,048 net affiliates; “while the reverse case was shown by Modelo, with -1,110 net transfers”.

Finally, the outlook so far in 2022 shows that Cuprum it is the AFP with the best balance, with 7,017 net transfers; while Modelo notes the reverse scenario with -7,949 net outflows.

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