Gabriel Carrizo’s lawyer revealed how he came to the case for the attack against Cristina Kirchner and who will pay his fees

Gastón Marano, defender of the leader of the copitos gang, also spoke about alleged political ties and referred to Brenda Salva.

Gaston Maranothe lawyer who defends Gabriel Carrizo, considered the leader of the “band of copitos“where they worked Fernando Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarteprosecuted as co-authors of the attack on Cristina Kirchnerrevealed how he got to the cause and who will pay his fees.

To answer these questions, he released a communicated through their social networks. “During the last two days I listened for hours, on channels of all kinds, a series of hypotheses and speculations about who I am, who I answer to and who pays me the fees. Also about what my role is in the case in which it is investigated the execrable attack against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner”, began the lawyer.

In the first place, he explained that he came to the cause “through the referral from a colleague that he decided not to take the representation because he did not have the number of hours of work that this defense would require and he proposed to Carrizo’s family” that they contact him.

On the other hand, he specified that, “due to Carrizo’s economic situation,” he decided to take the case “pro-bono,” that is, “for the collection of the legal minimum“. “Eventually, Carrizo or whoever is convicted will pay me in costs at the end of the process”, he added.

Gabriel Carrizo, leader of the copitos band.

Gabriel Carrizo, leader of the copitos band.

Why did you take a “free” cause? As he argued, “this case represents an enormous professional challenge.” “It is a cause with great public and media significance, which makes it feasible for know my work and the way I do it. As a teacher I can transmit my passion for exercises to a few students per year, in a cause like this, our task can reach thousands of people “, she justified.

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“You also take on a case like this when you know that your participation can make a difference in seeing justice done,” he added.

Meanwhile, he recounted the roles of Brenda Salva, who was removed from Congress for defending Carrizo, and Fernando Sicilia: “Brenda has been working with me for many years. She started as a student and now as a professional. Fernando, unlike Brenda, who He works in my office, he has his own studio and we handle some cases together. Fernando has no involvement in this case, he only appears on the authorization plate of the court documents.”

The publication with the statement by Gastón Marano, Gabriel Carrizo's lawyer.

The publication with the statement by Gastón Marano, Gabriel Carrizo’s lawyer.

Finally, he rejected the versions that Javier Milei, Ramiro Marra, Ignacio Torres, or PRO referents put him in the cause: “Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo put me in this cause. I have no links with the PRO or with any other political space“.

“When a person enters my office, I do not ask him what his political inclination is, but which of his rights is being violated. And I am ready to defend him,” he closed.

Gabriel Carrizo’s lawyer was kicked out of Congress

the national deputy karina bachey (Together for Change-PRO) released his adviser Brenda Salva for having taken the defense of Gabriel Carrizoone of those arrested for the attempted assassination of Cristina Kirchner.

It is up to ensure the clarification of the fact and social peaceBachey justified his decision this Wednesday, in a brief statement.

Brenda Salva and Gaston Marano.

Brenda Salva and Gaston Marano.
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In that text, the PRO deputy specified that Selva was advising her “on disability issues“, but simultaneously exercised his profession as a lawyer.

As Bachey specified in her letter, Salva came to her work team as an “external advisor” in May 2022 to advise on “disability issues, continuing her profession freely in the private sphere.”


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