Geiner Alvarado: The Prosecutor’s Office warns that there would be an intermediate flight risk for the former minister and warns that there are still active members of the network, such as Pedro Castillo | VIDEO | POLITICS

During the hearing of impediment to leave the country against Geiner Alvaradothe provisional Supreme Prosecutor Marco Huamán affirmed that there would be an “intermediate” flight risk for the former minister, whom he pointed out as part of a criminal organization that the president would lead peter castle and that it would have operated in the Ministry of Housing.

As is known, Alvarado López was in charge of the Housing portfolio from the beginning of the Castillo Terrones government until the first days of August 2022. After that, he became Minister of Transport and Communications (MTC) until his censorship on the 15th. last September.

The former minister is being investigated for the alleged crime of criminal organization. For this reason, this Tuesday morning, the Supreme Prosecutor asked the Judiciary to issue a 36-month ban on leaving the country for the former official.

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To dictate this measure, the risk of escape must be medium and intermediate. For this purpose, we must assess that the sentence would not be less than eight years due to his status as minister, the magnitude of the damage caused has not been repaired, the person investigated to date does not have any known work”, stated Huamán in his arguments at the time of supporting his request in a public hearing.

He also highlighted that on September 17, the former minister requested that the State security police service be withdrawn after his trip to Chiclayo. However, after media pressure due to a possible escape, he requested that his security be reinstated.

“Situation that clearly shows that there is a risk that the investigated will flee,” he said.

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In this case, added the prosecutor, it would be similar to the situation of the former Minister of Transportation Juan Silva and the presidential nephew Fray Vásquez -investigated within the same criminal network- who are fugitives from justice.

See here the arguments of the prosecution against Geiner Alvarado

Members of the network are still active

At another time, prosecutor Huamán explained that the alleged criminal organization they are investigating has “a particular difficulty”, since they are involved some high-ranking officials involved “still in activity, as is the case of the President of the Republic (Pedro Castillo)”.

For this reason, he indicated that the purpose of the measure is to facilitate the investigation of the truth and, on the other hand, to prevent those under investigation from leaving their homes.

“The absence of the country could lead to the effectiveness of the investigation being frustrated. Especially if there is a real possibility of being able to leave the country, because it has the resources to do so, “warned the representative of the Public Ministry.

The prosecutor also related various elements that support the suspicions against Alvarado, whom he pointed out as one of the executors of President Castillo’s orders to favor third parties who supported them in the electoral campaign.

To do this, he reported the statement of the effective collaborator CE 2-2022 who -according to what was stated before the prosecution and read at the hearing- indicated that “The people who were going to be designated by Pedro Castillo had the obligation to accept the family and trusted people.”

In addition, he indicated that they should place them in different ministries in order to be able to handle public tenders, “in order to be able to respond to the companies that had supported the campaign, even when these people did not have the appropriate profile.”

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For example, the collaborator pointed out according to the tax account, he pointed to Segundo Sánchez, José Medina -mayor of Anguía and who is serving preventive detention-, Abel Cabrera, who made up the group “Los Chiclayanos”. These, were in charge of delivering money to obtain the tenders to the ministers and these in turn delivered it to the President of the Republic.

The effective collaborator CE 03-2022, who in his statement of July 25, 2022, confirmed that José Medina met with Castillo at the Palacio Residence and was the link with the Minister of Housing.

He also indicated that after the placement of key people, Emergency Decree 102-2022 was created in the Ministry of Housing, through which the transfer of items for fiscal year 2021 for more than S / 34 million was authorized to finance the intervention. of urban-rural works.

The representative of the Public Ministry reported that the former president of the Council of Ministers Mirtha Vásquez and the former Minister of Economy Pedro Francke -in office during the issuance of DU 102-2022- have told the prosecution that said rule was created in the Ministry of Housing.

While the protected witness TP01-2022 said that, after the Minister of Economy assigned the investment amounts of almost S / 500 million, which would correspond to the Vice Ministries of Urban Planning and Construction and Sanitation. In addition, he added, the then ministerial advisor Salatiel Marrufo sent a list of projects with added colors, indicating the works that should go and those that should be evaluated.

“That is, one of the members, of the alleged members of the criminal organization, was the one who had been indicating which projects the Ministry of Housing should authorize and should have the approval of Geiner Alvarado López,” the prosecutor noted.

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Thus, he explained, certain works were favored in the Municipality of Anguía, La Succha (Chota) and the Municipality of Chachapoyas; that he was awarded to front companies of Anggi Espino and Hugo Espino, the latter a friend of Yenifer Paredes and José Medina.

complied with the request

In his turn, Percy Ipanaqué, who exercises the legal defense of Geiner Alvarado, announced that his sponsor will acquiesce to the prosecutor’s request to prevent him from leaving, as a sign of good faith and good behavior in order to find the truth.

“For the sake of this search for the truth, my sponsor seeks to establish his innocence,” he said.

He assured that Alvarado attended every time he was called before the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation and also before the Special Team Against Corruption of Power.

He maintained that his sponsor has not kept silent when he was questioned and that he even handed over his passport to the prosecutor’s office days ago.

According to the lawyer, his client does have roots and also a job, since he recently signed a contract with the company “Constructora HT SAC” that will pay him S/10,000 a month to hold the position of Project Works Superintendent.

Former Minister Alvarado, when speaking, assured that his behavior has always been collaborative and that he will attend as many times as he is called to testify.

The supreme judge of preliminary investigation Juan Checkely announced that he will resolve the request within the term of law.

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