Geiner Alvarado: This is how the criminal organization in which he is involved would be made up, according to the Prosecutor’s Office

The Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation supported this morning the request for an impediment to leave the country for 36 months against the former Minister of Transportation and Communications Geiner Alvarado. According to Supreme Prosecutor Marco Huamán, Alvarado Lopez would be one of the leaders of the alleged criminal organization that would be led by the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo.

According to him Public ministryafter the head of state there are four important sections that would follow him in the organizational chart of the criminal network.

In the political bureau are Segundo Sánchez Sánchez, owner of the Breña house that housed Castillo during the 2021 General Elections; businessman Abel Cabrera Fernández; the mayor of Anguía, José Nenil Medina; and the former adviser to the Ministry of Housing Salatiel Marrufo Alcántara. The four make up a group close to the president known as ´The Chiclayanos´.

As for the relatives of the president who are involved, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, are the first lady Lilia Paredes; Yenifer Paredes, Pedro Castillo’s sister-in-law; and Gian Marco Castillo, Fray Vásquez Castillo and Rudbel Oblitas Paredes, nephews of the leader.

In the so-called ´Cabinet under the shadow´ are the Undersecretary General of the Presidential Office Beder Camacho; Éder Vitón Burga, former adviser to the Technical Office; Jorge Tarrillo Gálvez, security agents of the president; and former adviser Auner Vasquez Cabrera. In addition, the former secretary general of Palacio Bruno Pacheco is included.

In the group of former ministers linked to this alleged network of corruption are Juan Silva (Transportation and Communications), Walter Ayala (Defense) and Geiner Alvarado (Housing). Likewise, the former general manager of Petroperú Hugo Chávez is included.

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Beder Camacho, Éder Vitón and Jorge Tarrillo are charged with the alleged crime of concealment. This group includes the head of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), Aníbal Torres.

Debarment Hearing

During the hearing, the Supreme Prosecutor Marco Huamán indicated that “Pedro Castillo, on the recommendation of Abel Cabrera, appointed Geiner Alvarado in the Housing portfolio. (These) appointments would have been made in coordination with Sánchez and Medina”, who would have supported the president’s campaign.

The representative of the prosecution also indicated that the protected witness TP01-170-2022 and the effective collaborator CE2 have offered statements that include more incriminating acts against Alvarado regarding the taking of charges. Likewise, he became aware of the visits of businessman Hugo Espino, whose companies are also related to the alleged criminal network.

The prosecutor argued that, since he no longer had a job and had given up his personal security (although it was rectified), Geiner Alvarado could be in a situation similar to that of fugitives Juan Silva and Fray Vásquez.

In response, Percy Ipanaqué, attorney for Alvarado Lopez, announced that his sponsor will acquiesce to the request of the Public Ministry. This, says the lawyer, as a sign of good faith. “For the sake of this search for the truth, my sponsor seeks to establish his innocence,” he stressed.

Before the end of the hearing, Geiner Alvarado He mentioned that he is willing to collaborate with the justice whenever he is required. For his part, Judge Juan Checkely announced that the Prosecutor’s request will be resolved “within the period established by law.”

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