Get ready to say goodbye to Google reminders

September 21, 2022

Google announces that it is introducing a change that will migrate Google Assistant and Calendar Reminders to Google Tasks. What this means is that you will be able to turn all your reminders into to-do’s which you will be able to find in Google Tasks. While users will still be able to create tasks in their Calendar, everything will be moved to Google Tasks so that everything can be found in one place.

In addition to merging Tasks and Reminders, the update will also bring new features such as an “Add to Tasks” button in Gmail, the ability to create tasks directly in Google Chat, and the ability to categorize tasks into lists.

However, the launch will not happen immediately. Google says that in the coming months, users will see a subscription notice when they create or view reminders in Google Assistant or Calendar. This will allow you to migrate your reminders to Tasks before the migration happens for all users.

As for when subscription notifications will start, there are no details at this time. There is also no set date for when the big migration that affects all Workspace users will occur.

Source: Get ready to bid farewell to Google Reminders – Android Authority

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