Gonzalo Alegría assures that his son’s complaint for alleged sexual violence is a “montage” Elections 2022 Together for Peru RMMN | POLITICS

The candidate for mayor of Lima Together for PeruGonzalo Alegría, spoke about his son’s complaint against him for alleged sexual violence and stated that it is a “set-up”.

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In statements to Willax TV, he indicated that he will present documents with which he will seek to demonstrate that he has no complaint against him.

“This is all a disgusting setup. I am going to deliver documents before a notary to the screen in which it appears that I denounce four people and I have no complaint”he expressed.

“Two weeks ago they tried to make the population believe that I had an employee whose head I broke and it was proven that it was a lie”he added.

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Gonzalo Alegría pronounces on the complaint of sexual assault
The candidate for Mayor of Lima of Together for Peru, Gonzalo Alegría, spoke about his son’s complaint against him for alleged rape and stated that it is a “setup”. (Video: Willax TV)

Finally, Gonzalo Joy He also stated that he is a “honest man” Y “decent”and attributed the complaint to his electoral proposal on tolls.

“Now I rape my son, what tomorrow? Did I kill someone? I find it shameful that the Peruvian press lends itself to these disgusting things”he underlined.

“All because of the issue of tolls, all because I am opposed to charging us 7 billion more in the Metropolitano. I am an honest, decent man, who is not going to sell myself to companies even if a jam press attacks me saying that I am a rapist”sentenced.

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As recalled, the applicant for the municipal chair of Lima was denounced by his son for alleged psychological and sexual violence before the Orrantia police station, in San Isidro, according to Nativa in a report.

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