Gonzalo Alegría: The Ombudsman’s Office asks the Prosecutor’s Office to explain the file of the complaint against the municipal candidate

The Ombudsman announced this Wednesday that it is requesting information from the Public Ministry for the reasons why it filed the complaint of the municipal candidate for Together for Peru, Gonzalo Alegría. The economist is accused by his own son of psychological and sexual assault last year.

According to the entity, they went to the Orrantia police station to verify the complaint against the candidate for mayor of Lima and discovered that it was sent to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“We went to the Orrantia PNP Police Station to verify the complaint against Gonzalo Joy. We were informed that she was sent to the Prosecutor’s Office at her opportunity.
Given this, we ask the Public Ministry to inform about the reasons why the complaint was filed. In addition, we ask the Prosecutor’s Office to respond to the request of the Judiciary regarding whether a resolution was actually issued filing the aforementioned complaint,” was the message of the Ombudsman’s Office.

can no longer be excluded

José Manuel Villalobos, executive director of the Peruvian Institute of Electoral Law, told PTR that the National Elections Jury (JNE) and the party for which he is running (Together for Peru) can no longer withdraw him from the candidacy because the deadlines have already expired.

In this sense, he stated that since the complaint was filed and there was no ruling against the candidate, it would only affect his public image, but not formally.

The complaint against Alegría

Gonzalo Alegría was denounced at the San Isidro police station by his own 21-year-old son for psychological assault and sexual violence in 2021. This was revealed in a report on the channel Native.

The complaint made by Alegría’s son was made on March 31 of last year and, according to the document, the municipal candidate forced the 21-year-old to accompany him to sign the lease of a place in San Juan de Lurigancho despite the fact that he was convalescing after undergoing surgery a few days earlier.

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native had access to the young man’s complaint, whose identity is kept confidential, where he narrated that at that time he could not even stand up and even so Gonzalo Alegría complained about it.

In the complaint, released in the report, it is also said that the municipal candidate was always violent against his son and even proposed to have sexual relations, showing him his genitals and asking him to do the same.

Joy was pronounced in PTR to respond to the accusations and pointed out that his son is part of a far-right group and that everything is a set-up.

“I do not have a single complaint for my management and now they invent that I am a rapist. It is the greatest indecency (…) It is one thing that my son is from Vox, the Spanish extreme right, which has been sold to Maricarmen Alva (former president of the Congress) and another that is capable of lying. My son has never lied against me and I doubt that they can manipulate him to lie, “he said.

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