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This Wednesday morning the Government announced that Chile will advance to the Opening Phase of the Step-by-Step Plan from October 1.

Although it is a massive liberalization of the restrictions known so far, the Minister of Health, Ximena Aguilera, affirmed that with this, covid-19 will continue to be considered a danger to health.

This means that vaccination, with ambivalent immunization, will be focused on risk groups and will be annual.

Of course, the mask will continue to be mandatory in hospitals, although it will only be recommended for all instances of crowding, such as transport and events.

“The mask has allowed us more protection in people (…) it is a cultural change that we want to keep,” said the minister.

The Minsal also announced that the Mobility Pass will no longer be required, although it has not been ruled out that it will be necessary again.

“It has been a tool that has allowed us to promote vaccination, but we will have the possibility of requiring it again depending on how the epidemiological situation evolves,” the minister commented.

In addition to all of the above, Aguilera also announced that the capacity is eliminated and that the ventilation of closed spaces will be promoted.