Government checked alleged FBI summons to Lucía Dammert and concluded that “the information is false”

Through a written statement, the Government assured today that “It is false” the information published last Thursday by the portal Interferencewho attributed the resignation of the chief adviser to Gabriel Boric, Lucía Dammertto an alleged subpoena to testify by the FBI.

The Government of Chile has consulted the Government of the United States, through official means, regarding the veracity of the facts described in the publication of the media Interferenceon September 15, about an alleged investigation in which the former head of advisers to the Presidency of the Republic, Lucía Dammert, would have been summoned to testify by the FBI,” the Executive explained.

“After receiving a response to the aforementioned request, The Government of Chile confirms that said information is false and that Lucía Dammert has not been summoned to testify in any investigation or judicial process carried out in the United States.”added the Government, which on Thursday denied part of the report, in relation to a possible alert that the Chilean ambassador to the UN would have given, Paula Narvaezto the chancellor Antonia Urrejolaon the matter.


The same day the aforementioned security expert did the same, who already this Wednesday, after the official denial of the Government, announced that would take legal action:

I have been the subject of an incomprehensible and intentional personal attack. (…) The magnitude of the personal and professional damage generated is enormous, which is why I have decided to take the necessary legal action. to expose their intent,” Dammert announced on Twitter.


In June the Boric administration had already questioned the veracity of another report by Interferencewho accused the Police Intelligence Directorate of Carabineros (Dipolcar)led by the General Luigi Loprestiof having undertaken a “silent strategy to undermine the Government” through the delivery of deliberately partial information.

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“It is very complex, very difficult that what is denounced by the media Interference happen without the Government, the Investigative Police or the National Intelligence Agency realizing it,” he said then, accompanied by General Ricardo Yáñez, the Undersecretary Manuel Monsalvewho highlighted that the journalistic note did not offer any “source or known data” to support the accusation.

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