Gustavo Petro activates rear-view mirror for announcement of protests: “They caused the problem”

After the opposition announced that it will advance several protests against the management of the president, Gustavo Petro brought out among his arguments that the measures he has taken are to cover, according to him, the gaps left by the previous administration.

From New York where he gave a strong speech at the UN, the president said that protesters they can protest but he put his nuance.

Before the marches scheduled for September 26, Petro argued before several media outlets that his detractors “are within their rights, [pero] the problem is that they caused the problem.”

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In his explanation, the president, with his rear-view mirror on, He defended measures such as tax reform and the increase in gasoline prices.

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Referring to the marches, Petro said that in the past administration “they let Ecopetrol buy, import and make gasoline at international oil prices, expensive, in times of high prices, and sell at half its value without any mechanism to compensate that loss of profits”.

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The president said there was a real subsidy to the consumer of gasoline that it must be “remade, because Ecopetrol’s profits are the source to finance education and public health”.

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