Gustavo Petro asks the UN to “end the irrational war on drugs”

the president of ColombiaGustavo Petro, asked this Tuesday in his speech at the 76 United Nations General Assembly put an end to the “irrational” war against drugs, which, in addition, according to what he said, is destroying the Amazon jungle and harming his country.

“I demand them from here, from my Latin America wounded, end the irrational war against the drugs. Reducing drug use does not need wars, it needs all of us to build a better society,” said Petro in his first speech at a United Nations General Assembly as President of Colombia.

The president also assured that “the war against drugs has failed” and that “the fight against climate crisis has failed.”

“Do you want fewer drugs? Think of less profit and more love. Think of a rational exercise of power. Do not touch the beauty of my country with your poisons, help us, without hypocrisy, to save the Amazon jungle to save the lives of humanity on the planet,” he said.


During his speech, the colombian president assured that “the forest that is trying to be saved is at the same time destroyed” and gave as an example the use of the herbicide glyphosate to eradicate illicit crops in Colombia.

“To destroy the coca plant they throw poisons, glyphosate en masse that runs through the waters, they arrest their growers and imprison them. For destroying or possessing the coca leaf, a million Latin Americans are murdered and two million Afro-descendants are imprisoned in the North America“, he expressed.

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In that sense, Petro he described as “hypocritical” the discourse of developed countries to save the jungle, which “burns while you wage war and play with it.”

The president lamented that scientists “said that the end of the human species was near, that its time is no longer millennia, not even centuries” and because of the war, “the necessary measures” were not taken.

“When actions were most needed, when speeches no longer served, when it was essential to deposit money in the funds to save humanity, when it was necessary to get away from coal and oil as soon as possible, they invented a war and another and another. They invaded Ukraine, but also Iraq, and Libya and Syria. They invaded in the name of oil and gas,” he said.

In that sense, Petro stressed that “the wars they have served as an excuse for not acting against the climate crisis” and have shown the powers “how dependent they are on what will end the human species”.

“If you see that the peoples are dying of hunger and thirst and migrate by millions to the north, to where the water is, then you lock them up, build walls, deploy machine guns, shoot them. You expel them as if they were not human beings” , he pointed.

Petro also said that “the climate disaster will kill hundreds of millions of people” and said that its main cause is “capital”, as well as “the logic of relating to each other to consume more and more, produce more and more, and so that some earn more and more”.

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In his defense of Amazon jungleproposed that resources from the international community be used for this purpose, in a kind of barter of “debt for life, for nature.”

“If they don’t have the capacity to finance the revitalization fund of the junglesif it weighs more, allocate the money to the guns that to life, then reduce the foreign debt to free up our own budget spaces and with them carry out the task of saving humanity and life on the planet. We can do it ourselves if you don’t want to,” he stressed.


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