Gustavo Petro’s family grew (officially): “Thank you, dad”

The President of the Republic has always said that he has 6 children, although in reality only five are of his blood. The sixth was only the biological son of Verónica Alcocer, wife of the president, who was a single mother from a young age.

This is Nicolás Arbeláez Alcocer, who throughout his life has accompanied Gustavo Petro in several of his political campaigns. In fact, he was by his side when he ran for mayor of Bogotá and later when he ran for president in 2018.

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However, as of this Wednesday, September 21 Nicolás Alcocer officially became the son of the president. This was announced by himself through his Twitter account.

“I want to inform the public that I have been officially adopted by my adoptive father who took me in and raised me since I was 1 year old. I am officially Nicolás Alcocer Petro. Thank you, dad, ”wrote the young man on his social network.

Alcocer added the document in which his adoption was decreed, and there the following is read: “Irrevocable parent-child relationships arise between the adopter and the adoptee, also acquiring rights and obligations of father and son and vice versa, giving rise to civil kinship”.

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It should be remembered that when Petro began his relationship with Verónica Alcocer, he decided to take care of the child, and today he is older than Sofía and Antonella Petro, the youngest daughters of the family.

Gustavo Petro has a new son (official)

Here, the announcement of the son of Gustavo Petro:

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