“He meets us… or doesn’t he?”: Mirna Schindler suffered an embarrassing chascarmo in the middle of an emotional moment with Don Francisco

The host of the morning Tu Día Mirna Schindler experienced an embarrassing moment this Sunday morning when Don Francisco and various television faces visited the studio to promote Telethon 2022.

Mario Kreuztberger was accompanied by hosts such as Eduardo Fuentes, Millaray Viera, Karen Doggenweiler, Julián Elfenbein, among others, to talk about the solidarity crusade.

It was in this context that they remembered an iconic moment that occurred in the first Telethon that took place in the country: Don Francisco’s embrace with Jorge Artus.

“The thing about the first Telethon, is that we appeared on the cover of the New York Times. On that occasion, in a country so divided with so many problems among the people, the fact that this unity has been produced caught our attention and especially at the end, the hug with one of the patients, Jorge Artus”, recalled the host of the event.

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Your day

There was an emotional moment when Don Francisco said that the next day he realized the impact that the first solidarity crusade had.

“When I was passing by the Casino Las Vegas theater, which is now the Telethon Theater, they lowered the window of a car and took out two crutches, as a symbol, as a shield. That’s when I realized what this had meant for disabled people when I saw that all of Chile had united in front of this cause, it was a very strong thing for me”, the entertainer said excitedly.

After this, Mirna Schindler took the floor and starred in an embarrassing mistake in the study.

“Well, and Jorge Artus is with us this time,” said the driver, which generated expectation among those present.

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However, it was a mistake. “Or not? Nope! She is not with us”, she had to correct.

Your day
Your day

Mirna’s words drew laughter from those present, who jokingly claimed the driver.

“It was a way of saying that he is always there. I wanted to know if they were paying attention, “Mirna concluded to meet the chascarro that she had just starred in.

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