How can we identify a narcissistic person?

A few days ago, Frank Yeomans, a psychiatrist and associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Cornell University Weill Medical Center, pointed out that narcissistic traits are on the rise in society.

A culture of success and the constant pressure to compare oneself to another would be passing the bill to people, favoring characteristics in their personality that are not well seen by mental health specialists, since it would not only generate distortion in their own image , but would also have an impact on the way social bonds are generated.

Narcissism, which might well seem like a personality disorder that represents security, would reveal the opposite.

Jorge Fuentes, psychologist and Director of Pranavida, points out that although “These people have an inordinate sense of their own importance, with a need for excessive attention and admiration, they lack empathy for others, they present a fragile self-esteem that is vulnerable to the slightest criticism.”

In other words, they generate a security shell that is far from reality.

How can we identify a narcissistic person?

According to Fuentes, he often confuses the idea of ​​narcissism with self-centeredness. And it is that although both help to define a person who focuses on himself, there is a relevant difference between them.

“Egocentrism, on the one hand, is a way of thinking characterized by prioritizing the ‘I’ before others in a general way”, explained the psychologist.

“However, when we talk about narcissism we refer to a psychological trait of people who have an air of grandiosity and often manipulate others, with the aim of feeding back the distorted image they have created of themselves”he added.

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Along with this in detail, he revealed some of the main characteristics of narcissistic people:

Lack of empathy: “They are people who pursue their goals without caring about the emotions or needs of others, they only care about themselves.”

Require attention: “Narcissists have a constant need for attention, admiration and validation from one another, as they require assessments that fit the self-image they have built.”

self-image: “One of the characteristics has to do with the inflated idea of ​​their own personality and way of being, which leads them to behave with a arrogant and arrogant attitude.”

Little sincerity: “Somehow they develop manipulative strategies to achieve their goals, therefore, some of their emotions are not real and they fake them to achieve what they want.”

Are we a narcissistic society?

“Rather than being categorical about whether we have become a narcissistic society, I think we cannot deny that our way of living and relating today has enhanced this type of trait”says the Director of Pranavida.

From this point of view, the specialist suggests that social networks have played a leading role, since they have been the perfect platform to exhibit and project the image that we would like to have and that we want others to have about us.

In addition, he comments that this search for success also influences the idea that failure is a weakness and, therefore, should be hidden.

“The problem is not in using these platforms as a means of employment support, but in confusing the performance and self-assessment with the number of likes or comments from the environment.“, he pointed.

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Adding that “finally we end up not knowing what we really want and, when we return to reality, this becomes a painful, frustrating and empty jump, because we were living a fantastic illusion”.

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