How Latin American countries subsidize gasoline (and why it is such a controversial issue)

  • Cecilia Barria
  • BBC News World

Protester in Panama, July 2022.

image source, Getty Images

When governments in Latin America have tried to reduce the gasoline subsidy, the streets have been filled with demonstrators protesting against the increase in fuel prices.

This is how countries like Ecuador, Panama, and Peru have experienced this year, which, in the midst of the wave of inflation that is sweeping the world, have faced strong opposition when raising prices for products such as gasoline or diesel is put on the table.

And despite the fact that it carries a strong political risk, recently the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petromade the announcement: “We tell gasoline consumers that we will return to the path of price growth, and that the objective will be no more than to reduce the irresponsibly accumulated deficit.”

Colombia is the third country with the lowest price of gasoline after Venezuela and Bolivia.

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