‘How to get out of Russia’, ‘how to break an arm’… the most searched on Google after Putin mobilized the reservists

Day not suitable for cardiac patients in Russia. Vladimir Putin’s speech in which he announced on Wednesday the mobilization of reservists to fight in the invasion of Ukraine has terrified many of those affected, who have already sold out of their tickets to leave their country. Precisely ‘how to leave Russia’ It is one of the most searched questions right now on Google. ‘How to break an arm’ or ‘flat feet‘ are also part of this particular ranking that reflects the state of mind of a large part of the 300,000 people called up.

Interestingly the question about ‘how to leave russia’ already led internal searches on Google on Tuesday, with a peak at 6:00 p.m., after learning that President Putin was going to deliver an important speech that same day, which shows that many people did not have everything with them. In the end, The leader’s intervention was delayed until this Wednesday, but his words confirmed the worst omens. The Kremlin already considers the invasion of Ukraine a war and is calling up reservists with previous military experience to “defend” Russia and “liberate” the Donbas.

According to the channel Mozhem Obyasnit on Telegramresidents of the territory of Khabarovsklocated in the far east bordering China, were particularly interested in leaving the country. ‘How to break an arm’ It also amassed many of the entries made to the search engine most used by Internet users. It seems that many draftees will try to devise all sorts of schemes, however desperate, to avoid fighting on the front lines of a war that has lasted 210 days and that, for the moment, they are losing.

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query peak

Inquiries about how to defer military service have also reached a peak on Google. ‘What is the difference between partial and general mobilization’, ‘how many children do you need to not go to the army’ or ‘flat feet’ These are other issues that demonstrate the state of tension and fear among a large part of the Russian population. It must be borne in mind that there are around two million reservists throughout the country, although, for the time being, the Kremlin it has only called up 300,000 people with previous military experience.

But of all the massive searches carried out in the last few hours, there is one particularly dramatic one: ‘what is the average life expectancy of a Russian soldier in Ukraine’. As can be seen, many are already in the worst before even putting on the uniform again to, as President Putin says, “defend territories and defend Russia against the West’s objective of weakening, dividing and destroying our country”. Of course, his imperialist smear has not been able to prevent serious protests against military recruitment that have resulted, so far, with more than a thousand detainees in various cities of the country.

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