“I ask that we treat each other with respect without turning these Courts into a pigsty”

The tense plenary session of the Cortes that took place this week lowered its tone during its final stages this Wednesday morning, when, in a colder context, different parliamentarians agreed on demand the return of forms and respect for the Chamber. One of those who did it with greater zeal was the vice president of the Board and leader of VOX in Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, who asked for the floor by allusions to defend the legality of his party and his right to participate in the debate without the Chamber turning into “a pigsty”.

“We are a valid interlocutor, a completely legal party”, García-Gallardo reminded their lordships, to then urge them to once again make the Cortes of Castilla y León “the house of the word”. “Let’s park these behaviors, this show,” continued the vice president of the regional executive, to demand that parliamentarians treat “with respect without trying to turn these Courts into a pigsty.”

Despite the fact that García-Gallardo did not mention the insults he directed at Francisco Igea during the session on Tuesday afternoon, when he called him an “imbecile” and an “alleged criminal”, and therefore He didn’t apologize for it either.he did recall that “since these Courts were constituted in the last legislature we have been enduring as a coalition government, as a party” and in particular he as vice president “ad hominem attacks, provocations and insults from the Mixed Group and the Socialist Group”.

In this regard, the autonomous leader of VOX considered these attacks as “unacceptable”. “To me as vice president and as a member of these Cortes de Castilla y León I am deeply ashamed”he pointed.

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“We as a political party,” he continued referring to VOX, “have the right to exist.” “We have the right to bring to these Courts debates that did not take place before. We have the right to talk about energy sovereignty without being insulted, we have the right to talk about gender ideology without being defamed and we have the right to talk about climate fanaticism without all of you provoking us,” he said, referring to the opposition caucus.

Precisely, this intervention by García-Gallardo took place after the session was resumed after suspending for fifteen minutes due to another confrontation, in this case the one that the United Podemos attorney, Pablo Fernández, had with Raúl de la Hoz (PP) and which led the Vice President of the Cortes to withdraw the floor during his speech.

In the resumption it was Carlos Pollán who took over the reins of the session again, and began by asking the attorneys “respect and order within the debate”. “It should be like that and it’s good for everyone”remarked the head of the regional legislature, who also threatened that “otherwise”, he would intervene “according to the regulations”.

And after García-Gallardo, and again by reference, the person who asked to speak was Francisco Igea, who pointed out that the Vice President of the Board could not request the floor for the same reason since at no time had he referred directly to him. In addition, in reference to what happened on Tuesday afternoon, he pointed out that “the only one who has insulted” has been him, and for this reason he urged Pollán to comply with the regulations.

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Finally, and in a subsequent intervention in the debate but on the same issue, the socialist prosecutor Luis Briones lamented that the latest events are “embarrassing and discrediting for the Chamber” and, addressing García-Gallardo, invited him to look at himself now who believed that he and his group are responsible for these happening.

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