“I don’t think these weapons will be used”, Zelensky before Putin’s threat

Volodimir Zelenski, president of Ukraine, spoke out in the face of Vladimir Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons and the announcement of a plebiscite on Ukrainian territory.

the ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, “does not believe” that Russia will use nuclear weapons in the war in Ukraine, he declared Wednesday in an interview with the German channel Bild TVafter Vladimir Putin expressed that kind of threat.

“I don’t think those weapons will be used. I don’t think the world will let that happen,” the Ukrainian head of state said, according to excerpts from the interview.

The Russian president announced this Wednesday a mobilization of 300,000 reservists in Russia as reinforcement in the war in Ukraine and threatened the West with resorting to nuclear weapons.

“Tomorrow, Putin will be able to say: ‘we want a part of Poland in addition to Ukraine, if not, we will use nuclear weapons’”, continued the Ukrainian president.

“We cannot accept this type of commitment,” he added. Ukraine “The offensive will continue,” he declared, adding that he was “sure to liberate (our) territories.”

Putin “wants to drown Ukraine in blood, including that of its own soldiers,” he added, apropos of the partial mobilization decreed by the Russian president.

“He needs an army of several million people against us, because he sees that a large part of those who arrive, flee,” he said, about the defections in the Russian army.

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