“I feel like I’m stealing my salary”

The senator of the Anti-Corruption Governors League, Rodolfo Hernandezratified that he will resign his seat and clarified that he is evaluating the most convenient date for his retirement.

How do I feel? Well, I’m strange because this is not my environment, this is not my academic background.. I have done what I could, I have participated and given an opinion on the bills where I feel I have the identity of adding value,” he said.

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Also, recalled that he is a civil engineer and has experience in executingplan and budget.

I feel that I am stealing my salary, I do not contribute what Colombians contribute fiscally on such a good salary like the one they pay here in the Senate, despite the fact that all of the money is being applied to projects in Santander that benefit the poorest”, he added.

And also confirmed that is interested in aspiring to the Government of Santander or to one of the departmental mayor’s offices.

There I can provide a great service to all the citizens of Colombia to set an example of how a department is managed, to set an example as we did in the mayor’s office, “he concluded.

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