“I have decided to take the necessary legal action”: Dammert’s response after denying a summons to testify before the FBI

“In recent days I have been the victim of a disinformation attack initiated by a digital medium that called into question my moral quality and professional responsibility.”

Thus begins the statement lucia dammert carried out this Wednesday, after the government – through a statement and after an official consultation with USA– denied an alleged summons to the former head of advisors of the Second Floor to testify before the FBI, main investigative agency of the US State Department.

The content of the document shared by the Presidency, specifically, alluded to the report published by the Interferencia media outlet on September 15, the same day that the sociologist presented her resignation to the Executive.

The note reported that the federal police had requested Dammert’s testimony, in the framework of a drug trafficking investigation against Genaro Garcia Lunaformer Secretary of Public Security of Mexico during the government of the president Felipe Calderon (2006-2012) and who was arrested in 2019 for having collaborated with the Sinaloa cartel.

After the communication from the government, the sociologist used her social networks to announce legal actions and accuse an “incomprehensible and intentional personal attack.”

“Said outlet published a note spinning a set of lies, all of which have been denied by the cited sources, including the FBI, Foreign Minister (Antonia) Urrejola, and Ambassador (Paula) Narváez,” Dammert wrote.

He then accused that “the evidence is sufficient to affirm that I have been the object of a incomprehensible and intentional personal attack. I deeply regret this disinformation campaign and the opportunistic amplification that various public actors gave it despite having quickly denied it.”

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“They publicly condemned me based on a text full of falsehoods and I hold all of them responsible for the threats I have received through various means. The magnitude of the personal and professional damage generated is enormous, which is why I have decided to take the necessary legal action to expose its intention.”, he emphasized.

Faced with this scenario, he thanked “those who have supported me in this difficult moment” and called for “reflection on how corrosive these types of events are for life in society.”

“We cannot continue down a path of lies and threats that only limit the capacity for dialogue and debate in our country, progressively undermining democratic coexistence,” the sociologist stated.

After Dammert’s statement, a little over an hour apart, the President Gabriel Boric -who is in New York, as part of his tour- used his Twitter account to refer to the situation and support the former head of Second Floor advisers.

All my support and solidarity to Lucía Dammert against the dirty campaign that has been a victim”, wrote the President.

During the afternoon, meanwhile, from La Moneda, the minister of the General Secretariat of Government (Segegob), Camila Vallejo held a press point to address different current issues. One of them was, precisely, the consultation made by the Executive to the United States.

The Secretary of State explained that information was requested from the respective agencies, particularly the United States embassy and the FBI, and that the management “was in charge of our Minister of the Interior (Carolina Tohá), as corresponds”.

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In addition, he assured that it is a “sensitive” issue and that “the accusations made were serious, related to criminal acts. Therefore, as it corresponds in the framework of the responsibility as a government, of our institutions, of seriousness and transparency, it is that the antecedents were collected”.

“And it is possible to affirm what was affirmed and pointed out in the statement, that denies all these types of accusations with obviously reliable sources”, he added.

Today was not the first time that Dammert referred to this issue. After the publication of the report, that same September 15, she issued a statement denying the information and affirming that the facts described are “openly false and to which I have the duty to refer for undermining my professional and personal quality”.

In the document –shared through your social networks– specified that “between the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 I was part of a team of consultants that worked for an organization analyzing police reform processes that were being implemented in Mexico at various levels of the State, but I have never personally advised the former secretary of Public Security of Mexico”.

Along these lines, he assured that he was unaware of “the existence of the legal and investigative process mentioned in the note, from what I have read with surprise that it is indicated that I have been notified by some national or foreign entity. It is also false that I have agreed on a date to testify, since I have not received any summons.

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“I deeply regret the tenor and form of this publication. This is not a mistake, but a malicious way of spreading lies and creating doubts about the honor and professionalism of a person. Being a direct attack, I reserve the right to seek legal support”, sentenced the sociologist on that occasion.

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