“I shit… with my wife”: they reveal that Fernando Solabarrieta was attacked by a man in a gym

A new controversy added during the last hours Fernando Solabarrieta. To the confusing incident that he starred in during the National Holidays, where his car appeared overturned in La Ligua, an incident in which he was involved last week in a gym has now come to light.

The situation was brought to light this Tuesday in the Star Zone by Hugo Valencia, who told details of the chip. According to him, a man attacked him and accused him of being related to his wife.

“I was training when different people, including clients and gym workers, realize that something is happening in the machine sector,” the panelist said at the outset.

In addition, the communicator revealed that several in the room heard the shouting and that they were “attacking, attacking Fernando Solabarrieta. They tell me that in that minute we see that they hit Fernando Solabarrieta”.

Valencia even went further and maintained that before the unexpected situation, ESPN’s face was “shocked, never reacted, never attacked the other person.”

“I shit… with my wife,” they would have yelled at the journalist.

“Everyone heard the same thing, that this man is going to rebuke Fernando because he had allegedly messed with his wife,” added the communicator in the Zona Latina show program.

“If I catch you I’m going to kill you,” they told him while the others present tried to separate them and prevent the drama from escalating.

Solabarrieta’s version

On the other hand, upon learning of the cahuín, Valencia contacted Solabarrieta to find out his version of events.

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“I wouldn’t classify this as an incident… Nobody hit me. He rules out that they hit him,” the journalist told him when asked about the situation.

In fact, he said that Solabarrieta only heard the subject yell at him “my lady, my lady…”, without really understanding his claim.

“That dead man was not carried by me. I have nothing to do with it, I have not been unfaithful to Ivette Vergara, “the entertainer assured Valencia.

“I don’t know this guy’s reasons for coming to face me in the gym. I’ve seen him (the man), but we don’t have any kind of relationship, we don’t know each other,” Solabarrieta stressed.

Finally, he ruled out initiating any type of legal action in this regard. This, because “I am not going to give credit to any crazy person who comes to confront me for anything, nor would I like the media to give credit to something that is not news.”

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