“I suffered with her…”: José Miguel Viñuela gave details of negative sentimental experience

The former face of TV, José Miguel Viñuela caught the attention of the web after revealing a curious sentimental anecdote in his online show “From my kitchen with Nené”.

It all started when the former Mucho Gusto addressed different topics with María Vilches, among them the zodiacal signs, remembering a frustrated romance he had in the past.

“I want to tell you that I had a Gemini girlfriend. She would suddenly get up in the morning and tell me: ‘come, my love. Love you’. He spent an hour and he told me: ‘no, not anymore. I don’t want anything’”, confessed Viñuela.

“And I suffered with her, I suffered because I didn’t know if she loved me or not. She got up with her right or left paw, one day yes and one day no. I can’t function like this,” she added without revealing who the mysterious woman was who broke her heart.

Check out the program below:

The Article Is In Spanish🡽

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