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  • Since 2016, the Bank has increased the volume of digital customers, has improved the experience of its customers and employees and has optimized the efficiency of its operating, technological and commercial model.
  • The new phase of the plan includes collaboration for the digital transformation of services and solutions for customers and employees; moving towards a carbon neutral horizon; the joint launch of digital products and services; and the transformation, securitization and improvement of Ibercaja’s processes, taking advantage of the Microsoft cloud, among other aspects.

Ibercaja and Microsoft have renewed their strategic alliance, established six years ago, in order to collaborate more deeply in specific areas such as innovation, security, sustainability and digital transformation, as well as in the digitization of Ibercaja’s client companies.

Ibercaja is one of the largest Spanish banking groups -with 2.6 million customers throughout the country, 897 offices, 4,722 employees and a volume of activity of 98,326 million euros-. In 2016, the Bank began an ambitious digital transformation plan in three cycles, hand in hand with Microsoft, which has driven significant progress for the entity.

In the first cycle (2015-2017), the technological and strategic bases of the digital transformation were established and the first use cases were developed. In the second (2018-2020), all the digital channels were launched using the new architecture, the Bank’s mobile application was consolidated as a leader in the sector, and the foundations were laid for the new omnichannel relationship model with the implementation in the network a new commercial and managerial system, with the aim of increasing the productivity and efficiency of managers. Currently, in the third cycle (2021-2023), work is being done on the evolution of the omnichannel relationship and sales model, supported by a team of digital managers with remote attention, and focusing on digital sales and implementing a new system Marketing automation based on Artificial Intelligence.

Since the beginning of the collaboration, the relational model with the client has been transformed, promoting an improvement in their experience and a 360º approach. A predictive culture has been achieved, which facilitates a more personalized proposal and gives rise to lasting relationships, cross-selling and attracting new clients. This is reflected in an increase in the volume of digital clients, in an improvement in the usability of its tools and in an optimization of its efficiency.

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Thus, the number of digital customers has grown by 62% since 2016, reaching 894,000 users in June 2022. In addition, the number of users of the Ibercaja mobile application has multiplied by 4.2 since 2016, highlighting the improvement in the usability of digital tools. This has translated into an increase in customer satisfaction with these apps, which have obtained rating scores above 4.5 on Google Play and the App Store.

On the other hand, in terms of efficiency, the number of face-to-face operations carried out at a bank branch has been significantly reduced. In this way, in June 2022, 13.1 million fewer operations were registered than in 2016, which is equivalent to a reduction of 714,000 working hours. Among these operations, it should be noted that, thanks to the improvement in operations through ATMs and digital banking, cash deposits made in branches have decreased by 73%; cash withdrawal, 75%; transfers to third parties, 56%; internal transfers, 62%; and the payment of fees, 57%.

Likewise, the contracting of financial products through digital channels currently represents 40% of all contracts. In this way, mortgages contracted online already represent 25% of the total of this product segment; investment funds, 24%; pre-granted loans, 90%; and the purchase of shares 97%.

The employee experience has also taken a significant qualitative leap. The evolution of the workplace based on Microsoft 365 technology, as part of a mobility and collaborative work strategy, allows all employees to carry out their activity in a more efficient and secure way.

Víctor Iglesias, CEO of Ibercajahas manifested: “Thanks to this strategic digitization alliance, we have achieved the transformation of our operating, technological and commercial model, which has allowed us to offer our clients the best financial solutions and products and consolidate our position of solvency and independence within the Spanish banking sector. ”.

For its part, Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft in Spainhas declared: “We believe in the relationship model, in advising and accompanying our clients, with a global, long-term and mutually beneficial vision. The work with Ibercaja over the years has brought great successes and, with the extension of our agreement, we move forward with a vision that unites us in improving the day-to-day activities of organizations, productivity, safety and sustainability .”

Posing of the four speakers, from left to right: Leandro Hermida, Director of Technology and Systems of Ibercaja; Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft in Spain; Víctor Iglesias, CEO of Ibercaja and Silvia Hernández Director of the Financial and Insurance Sector of Microsoft in Spain)

New steps beyond digitization

The renewal of the alliance between Ibercaja and Microsoft aims to broaden its scope, based on pillars that will mark the development of the business in the coming years. They stand out among them:

  • Joint innovation in priority activity areas for Ibercajaincluding, among other things, the use of Microsoft Azure as preferred cloud -counting on the flexibility to exercise a data sovereignty comprehensive across more than 60 regions cloud from Microsoft, including the one that will be available in Spain in the coming months- and the modernization of containerized apps within a hybrid environment. This will make it possible construction of new, better, more agile and efficient solutions that promote the entity’s digital capabilities.
  • Strengthening cybersecurity capabilities and compliance of Ibercaja through the adoption of Microsoft solutions for the workplace, applications and infrastructure in a work environment supported by private and public cloud. Among the advances in this field, the Privileged Access managementthe launch of passwordless login mechanisms or advanced security with the deployment of information asset loss or leakage policies.
  • Commitment to Data and Artificial Intelligencereinforcing the use of Microsoft cloud resources to enable a Comprehensive Data Platformdesign the evolution and promote an operating model and processes based on intelligent information, to help Ibercaja’s commercial managers in their relationship with their customers.
  • Ibercaja also becomes pioneer in Spain in the field of employee experience through the platform Microsoft Liveon which the digital strategy of the future of the job in the entity and the relationship model with professionals will be based.
  • As part of Ibercaja’s commitment to the sustainability and its integration in the complete chain of financial activity, while promoting initiatives for community development, both companies will work on the implementation of digital solutions to improve environmental management. Ibercaja is committed to being carbon neutral by 2050, incorporating environmental, social and governance factors in risk management. In this sense, the commitment to Microsoft Azure as the preferred cloud allows for an important qualitative leap, with a reduction of up to 98% in terms of carbon emissions versus solutions on premises.
  • Joint launch of digital solutions for Ibercaja customersespecially aimed at SMEs and with specific resources for different verticals. Your goal will be achieve higher efficienciesimprove the management of your clientsaccelerate the business development or generate new products and services. All this, with the support of partners with great knowledge and closeness to the business environment and a high technological specialization.
  • Joint sale of Ibercaja’s digital solutions through the Microsoft ecosystem, extending its reach to financial institutions around the world.
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About Ibercaja

Ibercaja is one of the largest Spanish banking groups, with 2.6 million customers throughout the country, 897 offices, 4,722 employees and a volume of activity of 98,326 million euros. It has its own financial group (investment funds, pension plans, savings and risk insurance, leasing and renting) and is firmly committed to helping and adding value to its customers. Professionalism, closeness and social and territorial commitment are some of the distinguishing features of the Entity. Ibercaja has a firm commitment to sustainability and integrates it into its financial activity, accompanying its clients with sustainable products and services, assuming the commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050, and incorporating environmental, social and governance factors in the management of the risks.

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