Ibercaja wants to achieve that 45% of its sales are digital in 2023

Ibercaja Banco has managed to increase the number of its digital customers by 60% in the last six years, a period of time in which it has had Microsoft Spain as a travel companion to promote its multi-channel business strategy. During this time the Aragonese financial entity has exceeded all its expectations in this field, to the point of having 884,000 customers with online operations and substantially reduce the number of operations carried out in its offices, as indicated this Thursday in a presentation in Madrid Víctor Iglesias, CEO of the bank. This wants to achieve, as reported, that 45% of its sales are digital in 2023.

Iglesias has appeared before the press accompanied by Alberto Granados, president of Microsoft Spain, in an act in which has claimed the efficiency of a business model that can achieve better results than other larger entities. Along this path, Ibercaja’s digital strategy is playing a very important role, marked by a transformation that is undergoing its third wave, as explained by Leandro Hermida, Director of Technology and Systems at the Aragonese bank.

“We have developed many projects to make Ibercaja a benchmark and now the challenge is to continue doing more with less but above all faster”, pointed out Hermida, who stressed that the challenges that now lie ahead are to improve digital talent both its employees and customers and to better combine business and technology. For the coming years, and in line with what Ibercaja’s 2023 Challenge plan includes, this executive has defended the importance of improving talent management, committing to using more cloud technologies, innovating in the development of new products and services and to perfect everything related to cybersecurity. Reaching 45% in digital sales from the current 40% and being leaders in market valuations in this area are the main objectives.

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Víctor Iglesias, on the other hand, has been very critical of the banking tax promoted by the Government. After acknowledging that all the political initiatives are legitimate and before assuring that the sector is willing to “give its shoulder” in difficult times of economic crisis, the CEO of Ibercaja Banco described this tax as “arbitrary” and “not very proportionate”, in addition to being “counterproductive for the economy” and that “it could contravene fundamental principles”.

Iglesias has insisted on emphasizing that banking has not exactly experienced a time of extraordinary profits, as has been said to justify the new tax, especially after living in recent years in an anomaly of negative interest rates.

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