“Imbécile”, “criminal”… Igea, Gallardo and Podemos star in several fights in the Cortes of Castilla y León

The Courts of Castile and Leon These days have become a crossroads of insults, fights and off-key interruptions. This Wednesday, in a new episode of lack of control, the Table of the Courts has been seen forced to suspend the session for 15 minutes before the constant interpellations of the vice-president of the regional government, Juan Garcia-Gallardo (Vox), and the spokesman for PPRaul de la Hoz, to the prosecutor of Podemos, Paul Fernandezwho was in the use of the word at that time.

When a bill was debated on the modification of the election system for autonomous senators, the only representative of the purples in the regional Chamber expressed that the vice president of the Board is dedicated to charging 100,000 euros a year “without any type of competition “, in addition to “opening his mouth, when they let him take off his muzzle, to insult people“.

Before these words, García-Gallardo has rebuked him from his seatand Pablo Fernández challenged him to stop talking “so lowly” and take advantage of the fact that, as a member of the Government, he can ask for the floor to intervene. “Have bravery and courage,” he said, convinced that PP and Vox are trying to turn the Cortes into their “farmhouse” and into a “pighouse”.

From his seat, the PP spokesman told Fernández to leave the speakers’ gallery because I already had the “videos” made to use them on social networksto which the representative of United We Can He has replied that he does not need videos: “You are nobody to send,” he added.

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In addition, from some seat in the hemicycle it was heard “stop being an asshole”, what put the finishing touch to the session and has generated more tension, ending with the temporary suspension of the plenary session.

It was at that moment when the vice president of the Cortes, Francisco Vázquez (PP), considered paralyzing the debate and “fuck them”, as he was heard saying in the background. “The session is suspended for 15 minutes. To take it by ass”, finished by saying Vázquez.

Gallardo also called Igea “imbecile” (Citizens)

This episode takes place only a few hours after the debate was interrupted in the same place when García-Gallardo called “imbecile” and “alleged criminal” the former vice president and current prosecutor of Cs Francisco Igea, while he was on the speakers’ platform.

The scuffle arose as a result of Igea’s intervention, in which he mocked Gallardo’s appearance in Masterchef and their complaints about the taste of a purée.

“Have you called me an idiot?” Igea has condemned, who has urged the vice president to control himself: “Haven’t they taught you to hold back?”, the prosecutor asked García-Gallardo. “Mr. Vice President, you are an embarrassment for this parliament,” Igea added about this clash.

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