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“It is undeniable -and that is why we are where we are- that inequality continues in our country,” Minister Vallejo said about the controversial statements by the Chilean ambassador to Spain, Javier Velasco. The authority assured that the governments of the last 30 years deepened inequality, which was criticized by former foreign ministers. According to the government spokeswoman, there is a “development model that has allowed and facilitated the concentration of wealth.”

The government spokesperson, Camila Vallejo, referred to the controversial statements made by the Chilean ambassador to Spain, Javier Velasco, regarding the governments of the last 30 years.

It should be remembered that former foreign ministers criticized this authority, after it pointed out that “An outbreak of these dimensions (the one in 2019) is not a trivial matter. For us to get there, it took 30 years of policies that deepened inequality, 30 years of a country perceiving that on a daily basis.”

On the other hand, he had words for the constitutional plebiscite. “There are sectors that feel deeply affected by what happened with the rejection of that immensely progressive constitutional text, which was turning the eyes of the world on our country,” he said.

Former Minister Mariano Fernández indicated that these statements they contradict the speech of President Gabriel Boric before the UN General Assemblywhere he highlighted the last three decades of the country.

In this regard, Vallejo assured that “Sometimes polemics arise over phrases that have been taken out of context or that have not been sufficiently compared with the statements made by the President of the Republic.”

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In this sense, he quoted a phrase from the President in his speech before the United Nations:

“Although during the democratic governments of the last 30 years poverty was notably reduced and there were important advances in social matters, it is undeniable that the development model that we adopted in Chile has maintained a high concentration of wealth, leading us to be one, and this hurts us, colleagues, one of the most unequal countries in the world”.

“Although we can recognize social policies at different levels, the fight against poverty, economic growth, it is undeniable -and that is why we are where we are- that inequality continues in our country as a result of a development model that has allowed and facilitated the concentration of wealthasserted the former deputy of the PC.

Vallejo: “Something happened here, there was an explosion”

On the other hand, the Secretary of State assured that the criticisms of Ambassador Velasco are legitimate. “We can have conversations and different points of view and if there is criticism from the opposition, and if there is any official sector as well, it is totally legitimate and talkable,” she said.

“But I think it is important at this time to stay with what is relevant on the international agenda and the agenda itself that gives meaning to our government program. As the President has also said, we cannot go from the phrase ‘we didn’t see it coming’ to ‘nothing has happened here’”added the spokeswoman for La Moneda.

Likewise, he stated that “something happened here, there was an explosion, there was a strongly expressed discomfort. By the way, many of the causes of this discomfort are still in force and that is why we have a committed program that we have to comply with.”

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Finally, he explained that the international agenda of the Executive “It should help us meet these great challenges around the construction of more democratic, fairer, more egalitarian and more humane societies.”

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