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The media outlet Interferencia indicated that it could file complaints against Lucía Dammert and the Government of Gabriel Boric, after the Executive published a statement, denying a note from this portal, where they claimed that the former adviser had been required by the FBI to testify in a drug trafficking case of former Mexican Minister Genaro García.

The media director Interference, Víctor Herrero, published a statement referring to the denial of the Government, ensuring that they could file a complaint against the administration of Gabriel Boric.

This is because the government denied the note published by Interferencia last week, about an alleged call from the FBI for the former head of advisers to La Moneda, Lucía Dammert, to testify about the investigation against the former Mexican minister, Genaro García, accused of drug trafficking.

“The Government of Chile has consulted the Government of the United States, through official means, regarding the veracity of the facts described in the publication by the media outlet Interferencia. After receiving a response to the aforementioned request, the Government of Chile confirms that said information is false,” La Moneda said in a statement.

After the government statement, Lucía Dammert herself did the same on her Twitter account, where she reiterated that she would file legal action for last week’s publication.

“The magnitude of the personal and professional damage generated is enormous, which is why I have decided to exercise the necessary legal actions to expose their intent,” Dammert said in a series of tweets.

From Interferencia they commented on the denial of the Government and Dammert’s statement on Wednesday afternoon, where they reaffirmed the report in question, assuring that the Executive’s statement is not related to the note they published.

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“Said denial refers to something that Interferencia never published. Our article does not talk about a summons from the FBI to Dammert, but about a request from that police to testify voluntarily, to which the former head of advisors of the Second Floor would have agreed according to foreign and national official sources who requested confidentiality. their identity,” says the portal statement.

Along the same lines, they add that they are evaluating filing legal actions against the Government of Gabriel Boric and Dammert.

“Mrs. Dammert has repeated on two occasions that she intends to sue our media outlet for the published information. She has every right to do so. At the same time, as director and legal representative of Interferencia, I also reserve the right to sue you, and the government of Gabriel Boric, for defaming a journalistic work based on solid documentary information. and from reserved sources”, adds the media outlet.

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