Is Meghan Markle the “villain” at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral? After the exclusion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the reception given by Carlos III with the world leaders, the former actress breaks into tears in the middle of the act | People | Entertainment

After the death of the Queen isabel II a couple of weeks ago, the Royal family made a series of tributes to the monarch and, according to a friend of the prince harry Y Meghan Marklethe couple was not invited to a state event attended by 1,000 world leaders.

Initially, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have been invited, but then Buckingham Palace officials insisted that the reception was only for royals serving at the Palace. monarchyas reported by the Daily Mail.

Harry and Meghan Markle were excluded from the event

Confusion over Harry and Meghan’s invitation points to communication problems between the couple California and the royal family. Furthermore, this would also go hand in hand with Harry’s right to wear a military uniform despite being a royal who doesn’t work for the crown.

Followers of British royalty start a social media campaign called “#FreeHarry”: They want to show that Princess Diana’s son would be tired of his wife Meghan Markle

As a result of this, it was learned that Prince Harry was “devastated” just after the initials “ER” of the queen were removed from the shoulder of his military uniform while he was watching his grandmother next to her coffin.

The source said that the exchange of uniforms and the reception at Buckingham Palace could make him feel that “the majority of the operation is against him”, the same person assured that “it is difficult, nobody likes to feel excluded”.

Meghan Markle cried in Westminster Abbey

According to the web portal Ten Minutes, after not being invited to the reception that Charles III offered in Buckingham before the last goodbye to the British sovereign, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in Westminster Abbey to say goodbye to Prince Harry’s grandmother, and there was the moment where the former actress was moved to tears.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “outraged”: Their children Archie and Lilibet will not have the status of “His Royal Highness”, but will be called prince and princess

the son of king charles iii, was dressed in tails but not in a military uniform since he renounced his “royal” obligations. Enrique was walking next to his father, his uncles, his brother the prince william and the other male grandchildren over the age of 18 of the deceased sovereign.

For her part, Meghan Markle arrived at Westminster Abbey in the company of Sophie of Wessex and, upon arrival at the religious ceremony, coincided with Stretcherqueen consort and Kate Middleton with two of their three children: George and Charlotte.

Is Meghan Markle the villain at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral? That is the big question before the various chapters that the couple starred in since they set foot on British soil, before the death of the monarch.

The international press reviews the “loneliness” in which both have been seen, in a situation in which no member of the royal family approaches the former actress or shares words with her, in the midst of the farewell acts of the Queen.

All this, after the controversial statements made by Harry’s wife against several members of the Windsors, in which she even accused them of racism.

The Duchess of Sussex, dressed rigorously in black as required by protocol, paid an emotional tribute to Queen Elizabeth II wearing earrings that the sovereign gave her and which are the same ones she wore on September 14 when she participated in the reception of the remains mortals of the monarch in Westminster.

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Just as they left Westminster Abbey to bid farewell to the mortal remains of Elizabeth II, one of the most emotional moments of the funeral was experienced as Meghan Markle could not hold back her tears before the coffin of her husband’s grandmother. (AND)

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