It cannot be pointed out that behind an invasion there is an armed group


The land invasion was one of the central issues in the political control debate held in the Second Senate Committee this Wednesday, to which he responded Defense Minister Iván Velásquez.

Earlier, the director of the National Police, General Henry Sanabriasaid in an interview with Noticias RCN that Armed groups use indigenous and foreigners to illegally occupy the properties.

“When we have arrived at sites to recover those properties, we are attacked by armed groups, such as FARC, ELN and AGC dissidents. That is why we entered with the Military Forces,” said the general, who specified that the most affected departments are Antioquia, Magdalena Cesar, Cauca, Córdoba and Magdalena.

However, Minister Velásquez assured in the Senate that General Sanabria’s statements they are just hypotheses that are being investigated. “It is not a strong statement. It is a possibility that is being examined to verify,” he emphasized.

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He added that “Until now, it cannot be pointed out that behind an occupation there is a specific armed group”. On the other hand, the head of the Defense portfolio emphasized that a reappearance of paramilitary forces that would be seeking to prevent the invasion of land will not be tolerated.

Not even in the exercise of their own defense mechanisms are admissible, because the State must fulfill its responsibility to provide security to the population. Actions have been taken with the invasions: there are more than 70 actions by the National Police in the last month and a half”highlighted the official.

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During the debate, Velásquez reported that this Wednesday the eviction of three private properties that were being invaded was underway. since last July 23 in San Sebastián de Lorica, Córdoba.

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