It rains on wet for Chivas with a goal from Brandon Vázquez

Atypical match interrupted by rain, the Herd won it but Cincinnati prevailed in the Leagues Cup Showcase.


Cincinnati vs Chivas Score, Leagues Cup

By: Fernando Vazquez

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Chivas lost in a new international foray after falling 3-1 against Cincinnati in party of Leagues Cup Showcase and that it was atypical since it was interrupted for more than half an hour in the first half due to weather conditions.

The Flock team seemed to have a quiet night, especially after Pável Pérez took the lead on the scoreboard with a shot from outside the box that had a deflection.

But the rain came and an important interruption that seemed to affect the group led by Ricardo Cadena more, who could no longer take control of the match, especially in the second half when the Ohio squad had a monologue.

Kubo, also from outside the area, leveled the match at 53′ while Calvin Harris, with perhaps the best goal of the night, turned the somersault minutes later in what was a game of goals from mid-range.

Wanted by Chivas and current element of Cincinnati

, Brandon Vazquez He scored the last goal of the night to close the scoring and harden the mood of a Guadalajara team that also had a scare due to a clash between ‘Tala’ Rangel and Hiram Mier, but that did not go any further.

The Leagues Cup Showcase is an exhibition tournament that serves as a prelude to what will be the Leagues Cup that next year will face all the teams from the MLS and Liga MX.

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