It was the darkest hours

Regarding the pressure from the media, Shakira commented: “It’s hard. And I’ve tried to hide the situation from my kids. I try to protect them, because that’s my priority in life. But then, at school, they hear things from their friends or they come across unpleasant news on the internet, and it just affects them.”

Away from Gerard Piqué, who promptly rebuilt his life with Clara Chia Martithe artist noted: “Sometimes I feel like this is all a bad dream and I’m going to wake up at some point. But no, it’s real.” And he stated: “Those were the most difficult and darkest hours.”

Then Shakira said that she bet fully on her family with the soccer player and that it is not in her mind to be in a relationship again, for the moment. “I can only say that I put everything I had into this relationship and into my family. Gerard, as a footballer, wanted to play football and win titles, and I had to support him. I mean, one of us had to make a sacrifice. Right? Either he left his contract with Barcelona and moved to the United States with me, where my career is, or I would have to do it instead.” said the singer in Elle.

And he added that he is not thinking of having a new partner: “Let’s wait for that hole in my chest to close and then we’ll see what happens.”

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Shakira discovered the true identity of a famous model with whom Gerard Piqué cheated on her

Gerard Piqué Y Shakira They continue to add details of their scandalous separation. Now, the Spanish heartland media maintain that the footballer would have had an affair with the model Raphael’s Bar During the year 2012.

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The information was given by the journalist Jordi Martin, one of the specialists on the subject that has everyone trapped.

“A few days ago I sent this information to a person close to Shakira. After a long time, they have finally been able to confirm what was an open secret on her day. The alleged infidelity of Gerard Piqué to Shakira with Bar Rafaeli in 2012. A few days ago, I spoke with a close friend of Bar Rafaeli who has been a friend of mine for many years and he was able to confirm that the reason for the multiple visits of the top model to Barcelona was this. I sent this information to Shakira through the person she trusted, who was stunned “. This was the first of three Instagram stories published by Jordi Martin.

Immediately afterwards, the paparazzi added more data: “For about a month Shakira has been aware of this information because that is how I sent it to the person of her highest confidence.”

In addition, he noted: “They want more? Between June 30 and July 6 of last summer, Gerard Piqué made a trip to Monaco accompanied by a person who was not Shakira. I have also sent this to you. Shakira is getting a lot of new information that she was completely unaware of.”

Quickly, the media around the world began to ask: “Who is Bar Rafaeli?”. She is a 37-year-old Israeli model and presenter. She with more than 3 million followers on Instagram. It was also learned that she is ex of Leonardo Dicaprio.

From 2007 to 2011 approximately, he had a relationship with the protagonist of Titanic. She is the mother of three boys, Liv, 6 years old, Elle, who is about to turn 7, and David, 2. In 2020, the Israeli Justice accused her of not paying taxes on earnings of 7.2 million dollars.

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