Jimena Barón said that she signed up for a university career: “I am very happy”

Jimena Baron signed up for a university career

Through their social networks, Jimena Baron He told his followers that as a result of an exchange of questions and answers on Instagram, he realized that he could make one of his pending dreams come true. She launched herself as a singer five years ago and after the success of “La Tonta”, new compositions and shows with dance choreographies arrived, making it clear that the love for music leads her to add facets. This time he surprised with an announcement related to the artbut in a academic fieldwhich was one of his wishes and now it will come true.

Everything arose as a result of the question that an Instagram user asked him, where he has almost six million followers: “Would you like to study at a university one day?”. At that time she responded with a photo of a painting and replied: “I would like to study art history.” A few days later, when he woke up, he communicated the news while taking the first mates of the day: “Many asked me what I would have liked to study if I had chosen a career and I always answer: History of art, because I wanted to study that all my life ” .

And he explained: “The thing is that I kept going around in my head why I didn’t study it. And well, I want to tell you that I finally signed up and that I am going to study Art History; so I’m very happy.” With the effect of crowd applause, he celebrated the decision, and true to his ironic style, he finished: “Especially the production people are shocked, that now we are putting together a new show and I came out with this study of art history.” Despite her commitments as an actress, singer and songwriter, will be encouraged to take some subjects and organize their time.

The singer and actress had already anticipated that she dreamed of studying art history
The singer and actress had already anticipated that she dreamed of studying art history

In his daily agenda there are also moments for love: he has been in a relationship with Matías Palleiro for more than a year, and they shared trips with their son morrison -fruit of her previous relationship with Daniel Osvaldo-. In this sense, a few hours before she had shared a reflection on her motherhood, which moved Cinthia Fernández to tears. “I always stay with Momo in her bed until she falls asleep (now that she is independent). Sometimes (like today) as soon as I feel like he’s falling asleep, I start crying for no reason at all,” he said.

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“A few years ago I understood (or rather I felt) that life really flies by, and that many moments that my son experiences as ordinary and everyday, are actually extraordinary and magical, and above all, they are the peak, there is nothing higher than that,” he said. And he added: “The trick is that I know it and he doesn’t, and no matter how much I explain it to him until he’s grown up, he won’t understand it.”it is a kind of spell called childhood or gold”.

Then, on another black plate, he pointed to his ex-partner, to whom he made it clear that at some point he did not take care of his son: “I can’t help but think how respected and admired all the moms who stay like an oak should be being mothers, letting go without hesitation, without even thinking, in pain, in betrayal, in loneliness, in humiliation, in abandonment, in even being women, for above all, to continue being mothers”.

And he completed blunt by posting a photo crying: “I admire and hug you to the moon, especially those who cost them and continue to cost them so much, and they leave everything under the rug until they fall asleep so they can cry for a while, get some sleep and move on the next day. There is a reward up there and also down here, when they grow up and become unconditional, because they know, they know more than anyone.


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