John Allen Claims to be TheRealInsider and Apologizes for Skipping Assassin’s Creed Showcase Embargoes

It’s something that had to happen one day. We live in a society of leaks (although not all the size of GTA 6) and rumours, and it’s not always easy to distinguish what is true information from what is not. The same thing happens with leakers, dataminers or insiders.

In recent weeks TheRealInsider had entered through the front door on the Internet. His leaks about Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Showcase turned out to be true, to which information about Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill or Crash Bandicoot was soon added.

However, TheRealInsider made a mistake when replying to a John Allen fan… which simply exposed his identity to the world. Yes, youtuber John Allen was really this popular insider.

Why do you apologize? It’s easy: the vast majority of the information about him as TheRealInsider was false. Acknowledge that the rumors about Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid Remake ”they were nothing but shit.

I mentioned Silent Hill and a remake of Metal Gear Solid, and I can tell there was no NDA (non-disclosure agreement) involved because it’s all bullshit. It’s all lies, shitty second hand comments. Half of the posts were educated guesses”.

This is not the case with the Assassin’s Creed Showcase leaks, but there is a good reason for it: Ubisoft provided this content to John under an embargo… an embargo that he decided to break.


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In other words, John Allen (as TheReal Insider) broke the confidentiality agreement with Ubisoft and gutted all the ads on Twitter. A good punishment is expected from the French company.

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John acknowledges that he did what he did to feel recognized (what he calls ”buzz”)and admits it wasn’t easy to hold back seeing all the followers he’s amassed on social media.

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I am ashamed of that. It was pathetic and just dishonest. Many of you are furious and saying, ‘Well, why the hell did you do it?’ and to be honest, it’s clout, it’s the buzz, it’s being addicted to the excitement of thousands of people waiting for what you’re going to say”.

The youtuber apologizes to his community and is blunt: will not return to Twitter, will take some time off and reflect on his actions. He promises that he will never do something like this again, but it will surely take time for the gaming community to trust him again.

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