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the new age of John Reynoso is willing to mark a significant distance from what has been done by Ricardo Gareca and one of these details has to do with the work materials used by the ‘Pigheaded’ in each training session with the Peruvian national team in the USA in the preview of the friendlies with Mexico and El Salvador.

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The summoned players and the specialized press have been able to notice the difference in practices due to a number of technological and functional items that have been made available to the technical command and the entire squad to simulate each ‘decision making‘ when jumping onto the pitch.

John Reynoso already surpassed Ricardo Gareca in the number of tools within the training field, the ‘Germans from Bielsa‘ (Inflatable dolls in defense), plastic players to simulate a defensive barrier, rebounders for the passes in first and the small arcs to sharpen the aim at the time of the definition.

Tools of the Peruvian team
Juan Reynoso uses various tools for training.

Juan Reynoso premiered drone sends data to modern software

All these new features of the training of the peruvian national team They are accompanied by a video team that is monitored from the air with a drone that monitors the work of each of the playerssetting the heatmap and other data that would be passed to a new software that has recently been acquired by the FPF and that it would be at the height of the main teams in the world.

These new tools in training are going to experience a dynamic, since sources of trome reported that the technical command took advantage of Tuesday afternoon to go shopping for neuroscience devices applied to sports that are used by teams of the NFL and the NBA for the preparation of its athletes and that will soon be seen in the next microcycles in the Videna.

Players have new routines with the Peruvian team (Photo: @seleccionperuana
Players have new routines with the Peruvian team (Photo: @seleccionperuana

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This Wednesday the ‘white-red’ train with the whole group after the arrival of Luis Advincula Y Carlos Zambrano. John Reynoso would define the first eleven with which he would face the Mexican team, where the great novelty in the starting team would be the inclusion of Raul Ruidíaz like an extremum accompanying Gianluca Lapadula in offensive work.

Peruvian team trains with new tools from Juan Reynoso (Photo: @seleccionperuana
Peruvian team trains with new tools from Juan Reynoso (Photo: @seleccionperuana


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